Soul walking through a crowd

Soul is a known musician associated with his family.

Being cool, calm and easy to talk to, Soul has amassed a variety of relationships ranging from characters from all walks of life. Soul being one of the franchise's strongest characters in terms of in world popularity, is also quite the hot commodity at the academy. Soul is a character whose popularity is the highest in terms of real and in world, but beneath his lazy and easygoing exterior, lies a person who is afraid to let their true self out,[1] someone who needs the support and freedom of the friends around him.


Maka Albarn

Despite having different personalities and each having tremendous stubbornness, as Maka is Soul's meister and he is her weapon, the two share a very close relationship built on trust in each other and a desire to grow stronger for the other.[2]

Soul occasionally displays a more caring side towards Maka when the two are alone, and sometimes teases her light-heartedly. He is very protective of her, to the point that he is even willing to die for her, shown when he uses his own body to shield Maka from Crona's attack. He often does anything he can, even injure himself, to ensure the safety of his partner. He is incredibly loyal, as even though he regards Maka's plans as far-fetched from time to time, he still helps though annoyed when Maka mistakes his worry for him merely causing a fuss.
Soul and maka together

Soul supports a paralyzed Maka

Although the traditional role of the Weapon is to follow the Meister's orders without question, Soul sometimes breaks from this role as he provides advice and guidance to Maka whenever she is confused or frustrated and sometimes objects to what she is saying. He becomes saddened when he realizes that he cannot fight for Maka when she is unable to, and perseveres alongside his Meister to become stronger for her sake. Soul’s inability to fight on his own causes him to rely on Maka which results in their bond to become stronger. He often refers to Maka as a 'cool' partner, and even occasionally says that she is an 'amazing' partner. He secretly admires Maka's great courage and strives to be strong like her. He is even willing to fight for her, even when he knows that he is too weak to fight against enemies such as Giriko.

Upon entering the first Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Soul has his gender switched, his appearance a manifestation of what interests and entices him in the opposite sex. In this form, he looks similar to Maka, implying further that he has feelings for her or he is attracted to her. Also, in the first Chapter of the Book of Eibon, he exhibits possible envy as Maka has a nosebleed upon meeting the Succubus. In the newer chapters, he blushes from time to time when he is with her. Soul sometimes feels that he does not deserve to be Maka's partner. He is shocked when Maka tells him that they cannot be partners anymore. However he does not accept Maka's decision without a reasonable explanation. He even forgives her in Chapter 76, telling her that she does not need to say anything. They are also seen holding hands a lot, but mostly for the use of Soul Resonance. Soul reflects on how he has a "fear of dealing with other people,"[3] sometimes translated as a fear of touching others.[4] Despite such fears, Soul thinks of Maka and their friends when making this remark. As well, before and long after, Soul seems able to deal with these fears, as he not only engages with Maka frequently as a friend and weapon partner but easily complies with Maka, by embracing or hugging her, and holding her hand.

According to Atsushi Ohkubo in an interview, he states that the main male/female characters (including Soul and Maka) share a "normal" relationship and he does not plan on developing it any further, stating the reason being is because he "can't see it".[5]


Wes Evans

Soul's older brother, who is introduced through one of his flashbacks in Chapter 55 of the manga. Wes seems to show interest in Soul's Weapon abilities. Soul seems to hold a high respect for Wes as he often remarks that Wes's musical abilities are far above his own. That said, Wes is also known as being a talented violinist.

However, although Wes is shown to care for his younger brother, Soul primarily sees him as an object of great jealousy. Soul sometimes feels that he became Maka's partner to escape from his jealousy of Wes. Soul cannot seem to be able to reciprocate Wes's kindness towards him, and remains a little detached from him. However, he does at least, share a mutual understanding with him.

Grandmother Evans

In a flashback of Soul's, Wes Evans mentions their grandmother, a musician as well, who would be surprised that Weapon's blood is running through Soul's veins. Soul and Wes's grandmother is not shown in the series so far, but it seems that Soul and Wes have a close family bond with her as she is affectionately referred to as 'Granny.'



Soul Telling Black Star About The Test

Black☆Star and Soul have a close friendship with each other as Soul is willing to even let Black☆Star wield him. Though their Wavelengths do not match up in the end and they are unable to function as a Meister and Weapon team, they still remain friends and are willing to fight alongside each other with their partners. The two sometimes engage in friendly banter, with Soul sometimes making fun of Black☆Star and calling him an idiot, with him doing likewise.

They frequently greet each other with a high-five and joke around with each other, often annoying their respective partners. An example of this is shown early on; before they are confronted by Sid Barrett in Hook Cemetery, the two say that they should urinate on his grave,[6] to Tsubaki's dismay.[7]

After Soul matures, their friendship seems to have grown into a more mature one, with Soul ready to calm down a heated Black☆Star when he is too stubborn to read a situation clearly. Soul also trusts him, and understands him quite well, as he is willing to leave the invasion of Baba Yaga's Castle to him whilst he follows Maka in the anime.

Death the Kid

Soul is rather scornful of Death the Kid at first, thinking him as a spoiled child that gets everything he wants from his father. However, after battling him with Black☆Star, he comes to respect Kid for his strength and skill, and treats him as a good reliable friend. Soul is sometimes dismayed by his obsessive breakdowns at times and sometimes calls him 'weird.' However, he does show genuine concern for him, as he expresses his determination to save Kid in Operation Salvage.

Kilik Rung

Soul has a short but prominent conversation with Kirikou after he and Maka return to Shibusen after battling the Clown. The two seem to share an interest in music, and Soul seems to know of Kirikou's musical skills quite well. Soul also goes along with Kirikou to search for Kim after she flees the Shibusen.

Liz Thompson

In Maka's flashbacks, Soul and Liz are shown to both like jazz, and the two seem to be able to share an open and friendly conversation with each other.

Spirit Albarn

Soul often conflicts with his partner's father, often referring to him as perverted[8] or stupid.[9] He often winds up Spirit for fun, such as saying derogatory comments about Maka's physical appeal as a female, which enrages him. Soul also disrespects him when he teaches Class Crescent Moon early on.[10] He has an aim to become a stronger Death Scythe than Spirit. However, deep down, Soul still respects Spirit as his superior, and as Maka's father. In recent chapters, after Soul has matured, Spirit entrusts him into taking care of Maka.


Blair (Anime - Episode 1) - (16)

Blair glomps Soul

Despite Blair being the sole reason why Maka and Soul have to restart the quest to make him a Death Scythe, Soul has allowed Blair to live with him and Maka. He is often annoyed with Blair, since she constantly attempts to seduce him by sneaking up on him in bed and pushing herself onto him while wearing little to no clothes. This always makes him pass out from a nosebleed, or pass out through Maka's enraged Maka Chop.

Soul claims that he wants someone to kick the 'pervy cat' out of their home. However, he does seem to appreciate, or at least tolerate Blair's presence in their apartment, as he does not actually make a move to get her to leave.


Although Crona is the one who gives Soul the large scar on his chest and infects him with Black Blood, he bears no hard feelings towards them. In fact, Soul is sometimes shown to help Crona integrate with the other students of the Shibusen alongside Maka, and also exhibits determination into helping Crona when they goes missing. Soul once admits that he shares the same fear of being with other people as Crona, which may be one of the reasons why he helps them.

In the anime, Soul is the first one to notice that Crona was acting strangely following Professor Stein's increasing madness (because of their guilt for the betrayal). Soul helps Maka locate Crona in the desert and bring them back to the Shibusen where Crona is arrested. In the ending credits of the final episode, Crona is revealed to be living with Maka, Soul, and Blair.


Soul is annoyed sometimes by Ragnarok's behavior, and at one point calls him 'gross' after Ragnarok devours a morsel of food in a rather unattractive way.[11] However, he tolerates the Dark Weapon, since he is a part of Crona.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Soul and Tsubaki do not interact as frequently in the manga and the anime as they do with other characters, yet they seem to be on friendly terms, and they are able to resonate well together in Chain Resonance.

Anya Hepburn

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 23 - Anya and Fake Soul

Anya recognizes Soul is a fake tough guy

Based on her weapon Tsugumi Harudori's desire to emulate her mentor Maka Albarn, Anya Hepburn has passing familiarity with Maka's weapon, Soul, knowing him by name, class, and partner. As an E.A.T. student who previously assisted Sid Barrett teaching Anya's N.O.T. class, Soul recognizes Anya as a new N.O.T. student, if not her name.

Anya also recognizes some aspects of herself in Soul, likely due to both students coming from more privileged backgrounds while hiding aspects of their family and background, even their names (Soul Evans going by the stage name Soul Eater, and Anastasia Yngling going by the pseudonym Anya Hepburn). One chance encounter between exemplifies Anya's regard for Soul's attempts to pass as a cool tough guy while masking his privileged background. One day, Anya was walking through Death City, nervous about encountering tough guys like Soul and his E.A.T. classmates Black☆Star and Kilik Rung after her own nearly lethal fight against the Traitor. But once Soul recognized her as a N.O.T. and asked whether she wanted something from him, Anya pointed at Soul and his friends, referring to Black☆Star and Kilik as legitimately tough guys, while Soul was a "fake". While all three boys were surprised at Anya's remarks, Soul's surprise may have owed as well to his fear that someone could see through his façade.

Prospective Meisters

Soul has always had a fan following, but after becoming a Death Scythe, there was a notable increase in the attention he received, most of it being requests to become his new Meister. Having no intention to switch out Maka, Soul let the attention just happen with mild annoyance. Two cases stand out among his prospective Meisters. While most simply sent him letters, one girl asked him to meet her behind the school, where she asked him to be her partner one day before running off. Soul was left standing in light confusion. Another girl opted to stalk him and Maka through the school instead. Because she has some skill at stealth, Soul never even knew about her.[12]

Uneasy Allies

Little Ogre

Soul Eater Chapter 84 - Big Little Ogre

The Little Ogre overwhelms Soul

After being infected by Ragnarok's Black Blood, Little Ogre makes his appearance inside of Soul's mind. He often appears when Soul and Maka are struggling in a battle, tempting them to use the Black Blood inside. His goal is most likely to take control of both Soul and Maka by plunging them into madness leaving only him. Soul bears strong antagonistic feelings towards Little Ogre, and he often hurls insults at him and does not hesitate to answer back everything he says with a bitter comment. He is sometimes disturbed by his presence in his mind.

Despite the persistence of their animosity towards each other, Soul and Ogre slowly cooperate more and more with each other. It is in conversation that the two with Maka Albarn determine new practices for the Black Blood to win in their battles with threats to the DWMA and the world, as during the Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc in which the Little Ogre and Soul determined how to use Soul's piano to highjack Arachne's Madness spiderweb and replace it with Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength.

On a mission to Moscow to investigate Crona's attack on Tsar Pushka and Feodor, Soul comes too close to Crona's Black Blood orbs containing both Death Scythe and meister, the madness from those orbs allowing the Little Ogre to overwhelm Soul with madness. Even as Soul attacks Stein, Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, and even Maka, his meister recognizes Soul is resisting the madness. Even as the madness affects Soul, he confronts the Little Ogre, much larger in size and joyful at the prospect of ruining every aspect of Soul's life. Yet Soul sees through this charade, recognizing the Little Ogre has not grown but has simply occupied a larger, almost robotic manifestation of himself. The Little Ogre admits that his goal now is to have Soul embrace his power and be honest with himself.

Despite toying with Soul and allowing him to fall into a kind of madness that could have killed his meister, friends, and teacher, after this point through the rest of the manga, Soul and the Little Ogre cooperate to fight the Kishin. The Little Ogre even allows Soul to use the Black Blood to heal a fatal impalement that Asura performed on Maka Albarn. However, once Crona is able to use Brew to remove the Black Blood from Asura to seal him on the Moon, the technique also removes the Black Blood from the nearby Soul. As Soul watches, the Little Ogre bows to his former opponent and uneasy ally, evidently disappearing from Soul's mind, body, and soul forever.

In the anime, Soul is on guard against the Little Ogre, never trusting the creature and trying to ruin his plans to spread madness. Therefore, Soul tries not to use the Black Blood for too long. However, when Maka persisted with using the Black Blood in her battle against Medusa to avenge Crona's injury. The Little Ogre chuckles as madness overwhelms Soul and risks overwhelming Maka, but the meister is able to resist the madness in time to defeat Medusa and prevent Soul from falling into madness. But after this point, the Little Ogre realizes how close he is to possessing Soul. As soon as Maka confirms Crona's recovery, she and Soul leave to fight Asura, who increases in power after consuming Arachne's soul. Soul's presence near Asura's madness gives the Little Ogre more power until he conquers Soul, trapping his soul. When Maka enters into her weapon's soul, she finds the Little Ogre impersonating Soul, attempting to have her open up the last part of Soul's soul so that madness completely overwhelms him. But Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength resists even the more powerful Ogre, allowing her to rescue Soul from the Ogre. After being rescued from Little Ogre by Maka, Soul finally decides to accept Little Ogre as a part of him, and instead of erasing him from his soul, ends up eating him in one gulp.


Medusa Gorgon

Medusa was a women who spent her time under the guise of the academy's school nurse and during this move, she used Soul as an unforeseen experiment of her self-created 'Black Blood'. Soul interacts with Medusa still under the nurse facade, about the infection of black blood he suffered from Crona & Ragnarök, the two meet for few medicial check ups until the time Medusa is eventually found out. During the Academy's anniversary celebration, Soul finds out that she is a witch and was there during his and Maka's battle in Santa Maria Novella Church. He immediately becomes hostile towards her, especially as he knows of the heartless deeds she had done to her offspring, Crona. Soul at first, refuses to work with Medusa in 'Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle' but, is persuaded by Maka.


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