Special Abilities

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Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin buki): As a Demon Weapon, Soul is capable of transforming from human to a weapon at will.[1]

  • Demon Scythe (魔鎌, Magama): As a Demon Weapon, Soul has the ability to fully transform into a ordinary Scythe in which known as the "Demon Scythe".[2] He later would become a Death Scythe after consuming Arachne Gorgon's Witch soul, granting him the qualifications of being wielded by Death himself[3] in addition to gaining new, magical-like abilities.[4] As a Death Scythe, Soul possesses one of the fundamental abilities of being a Death Scythe, Shape-Shifting, in which allows him change the size and shape of his blade.[5] Due to being a Death Scythe, Soul is also on another level in terms of Weapon abilities and as such, normal Demon Weapons like the Demon Lamp are unable to touch Soul's blade without resulting in injury itself.[6]

Former black blood-related abilities

  • Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu): After being critically injured by Crona and Ragnarok, Black Blood from the latter got into his bloodstream and mixed with his normal blood.[7] He can use the Black Blood to power his Meister by raising the resonate rate,[8] create protective armor in the form of a dress for Maka,[9] and increase the rate of the healing of a Meister as well as harmonize with Madness.[10] Soul later lost his powers with the Black Blood while on the Moon during the fight with Asura in which Blood was drained by Crona.[11]
Soul Piano

Soul playing the Piano in the Black Room.

  • Black Room (ブラックルーム, Burakku Rumu): The Black Room is a spiritual place within Soul's own mind in which allows him to play Soul's Piano, allowing him to control the Black Blood and imbued mutiple Meisters with power from the Black Blood and allows for Chain Resonance via sound.[12] The Black Room was destroyed during the fight on the Moon with the Kishin.[11]
  • Soul's Piano: The Piano in Soul's room is the medium in which he uses to perform his abilities in the Black Room. This is also destroyed when the Black Blood was extracted from Soul.[11]
  • Noise Cancelling (ノイズキャンセリング, Noizu Kyanseringu) (Death Scythe): Using Maka's Soul Perception, Soul can can the Wavelength of others for a variety effect of effects.[13]
  • Wings: While in a Soul Resonance with Maka Albarn due to her being a Grigori, his advance weapon requirements allows him to manifest wings and enable flight for his Meister.[14]
Chapter 84 - Soul Evans uses his Sound abilities against Stein

Soul using his sound manipulation.

  • Keyboard:After becoming a Death Scythe, Soul can turn his scythe arm into a Keyboard. Formerly, he was able to use it offensively with his Sound abilities.[15] He could also use it to play like that of a normal instrument.[16]
  • Sound (音, Oto) (Death Scythe): Perhaps due to his weapon abilities, Soul has the ability to offensively manipulate sound. He can not only propagate Madness using sound but also use it offensively against his opponents, using an attack in which uses the impact of sound waves as attacks after sends physical creations of notes in which contain madness and create sound pressure is enough to produce significant shock waves, which contain sufficient concussive force that they can even damage concrete.[17] Because of these sound-related powers, Franken Stein stated that he can give Maka Albarn a boost in her Soul Perception abilities through Soul Resonance.[18]

Hand-to-Hand Combat': Soul does possess some skill in fighting in un-armed combat. In the anime, he easily dispatched all of the members of the Materazzi alone and without Maka's assistance.[19]

  • Autonomous Combatant: Soul possesses some skill in fighting alone with his weapon capabilities, having battled Death the Kid alongside Black☆Star despite being out-matched by the Death God himself.[20] While battling the likes of Free, he was able to move fast enough to sneak up on the Werewolf and deal a fatal blow when he let his guard down, although his effort was for naught due to the latter's Immortality.[21]


Chapter 75 - Soul Evans is beaten down by Giriko

Soul Evans has limits against fighitng opponents alone.

While a formidable Demon Weapon, Soul himself isn't gifted in fighting alone and as such, heavily relies on Maka Albarn to do more of the physical portion of their battles. During his battle with Death the Kid with Black☆Star's aid, Kid himself criticized his abilities on his own, citing that he's rather slow and his techniques aren't sharp.[22]

Soul is, apparently, aware of this limitation of his and has shown to be somewhat envious towards other, competent autonomous weapons such as the likes of Justin Law and Giriko, wondering how come he's unable to be as skilled as them despite being Demon Weapon like them.[23] He even question how Meisters are so physically able in questions to Demon Weapons.[24] Despite even becoming a Death Scythe, Giriko berated Soul for thinking being a Death Scythe meant gaining enough power to fight on his own and stated he's not like Justin and him and he should know his limits.[25]



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