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Soul Eater NOT! (ソウルイーターノット! Sōru Ītā Notto!) is a spin-off prequel of the manga Soul Eater, focusing on first-year transfer student and Demon Weapon Tsugumi Harudori, who befriends two first-year MeistersMeme Tatane and Anya Hepburn, as the three enter the Normally Overcome Target (NOT) class at Death Weapon Meister Academy. While acclimating to life in Death City,

While attending classes at the DWMA, Tsugumi learns to control her powers in order to overcome her difficulties to have a normal life. Along the way, she also meets major characters from the original Soul Eater manga--and discovers a plot by a witch intending to attack Death City from the inside.

The manga comprises 42 chapters that were collected into five volumes. It was adapted into a 12-episode anime. An extra volume, The Official Fanbook: Need to Know was also released, which features information about the production of the manga and the anime, along with a bonus chapter of the manga.[1]


The DWMA, also known as the Death Weapon Meister Academy, is a school for Demon Weapons, humans who are born with the ability to turn into weapons, and their wielders called Meisters. The school is split into two curricula: E.A.T. (Especially Advantaged Talent) and N.O.T. (Normally Overcome Target). Those in the E.A.T. use their abilities and powers to enact justice, while those in N.O.T. learn to control their powers to avoid being a threat to themselves and others.

When Japanese student Tsugumi Harudori discovers that she is a Demon Weapon, she moves to the United States to attend the Death Weapon Meister Academy. There, she befriends Anya Hepburn and Meme Tatane, who become potential candidates to be her meister. Throughout the series, the young thrush learns the importance of friendship and comes to discover her own strength and self-worth as she tries to choose her meister.

Timeline Placement

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According to Atsushi Ōkubo, Soul Eater NOT! actually takes place one year before the Prologues Arc, which includes the first three chapters and introduces many of the main characters.[2]

The anime of both Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! adapt some content from the original manga, but they also make significant changes that deviate from the manga in plot, characters, and settings. Therefore, the manga and anime are not consistent; as well, both anime are not consistent with each other. For more information on these inconsistencies, please refer to the chronologies for both the manga and the anime.


Atsushi Okubo has explained that, when he began Soul Eater, he already had the plot and details like the DWMA fully formed and shared with his editors. He thought too many manga had characters who were developed through flashbacks, which he considered too clever. Therefore, he decided to develop his characters in the present rather than referring to their pasts, and to focus on "action and momentum," so he could "write freely." But as he was about to publish his twentieth volume, Okubo realized he has been too late to thoroughly explain certain details, and he did not want to introduce extensive exposition as backstory or appendices in the manga. Therefore, he started Soul Eater NOT! to introduce details about the settings of Death City and the Death Weapon Meister Academy, while still telling a story "through an alternative presentation that really moves in a different direction from the main Soul Eater series."[3]



Volume 1

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Volume 2

Main article: Volume 2 (NOT)

Volume 3

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Volume 4

Main article: Volume 4 (NOT)

Volume 4.5

Main article: Volume 4.5 (NOT)

Volume 5

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The January 2014 issue of Monthly Shonen Gangan announced that an adaptation of the prequel spin-off series Soul Eater NOT! would be produced by Studio BONES, the producers of the original Soul Eater anime. The first episode premiered on April 8, 2014, and the final episode aired on July 2, 2014.

Season 1



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