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Soul Evans
Soul Evans Render Soul as he appears in the Soul Eater Anime series.
Name Soul Evans
Alias(es) Soul Eater
Soul "Eater" Evans
Death's Last Weapon
The Last Death Scythe
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - MaleMale
Race/Species Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Weapon2Demon Weapon
Type of Soul
Classification Death ScytheManga
Weapon Form(s) Scythe
Status Alive
Professional Data
Occupation(s) Student
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Shibusen
Place of Origin
Residence Death City
Team/Group Spartoi
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s) Maka Albarn
Relation(s) Unnamed Grandmother (Paternal Grandmother)[sourcing needed]
Wes Evans(Brother)
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 0.1
Chapter 4 (NOT!)
Anime Debut(s) Episode 1
Episode 1 (NOT!)
Game Debut(s)

Soul "Eater" Evans[1], also known as Soul Eater (ソウルイーター, Souruītā) is one of the main protagonists. Soul has the ability of transforming into a Scythe. His birth name is Soul Evans (ソウル·エヴァンス, Sōru· Evu~ansu) and is the weapon of Maka Albarn as well as a Death Scythe later in the manga.


Soul came from an extremely rich family of musicians. He has an older brother named Wes, a violinist, whom he suffered an inferiority complex to, and although he himself had a talent for playing the piano, he was reluctant to exhibit this talent because he constantly knew that Wes was better than him. After finding out that he was a Demon Weapon, however, he found that he was able to escape from his family tradition of musicians and strive to become a Death scythe instead. Evidence seems to show that he was the first Demon Weapon in the Evans family.


Soul's attitude is laid-back and nonchalant at the start of the series, as he tries to mold himself to his expectations of how someone 'cool' would act. He is almost the complete opposite of Maka Albarn, being reserved and aloof. He often expresses how he feels about some situations by either claiming that something is 'cool' or 'not cool.' Being a cool guy, he prefers to use the direct approach or stupid approach, which most of the time fails. He has a unique love for eating souls that seems to not be shared by many of the other Weapons, drooling quite frequently when his next meal is nearby. He also seems to be a glutton towards food in general. He can sometimes become too driven by the thought of eating souls, which leads him to bicker with Maka or become impatient with her; but despite their squabbles, they are always able to maintain a solid friend-partner relationship. He is also friends with Black☆Star because of their similar immature personalities, but at the same time, they cannot match their Wavelengths. He is slightly immature by being headstrong, stubborn, apathetic to most things, and argumentative. Soul also has a strong weakness towards overdeveloped women, as he bursts into a nosebleed without fail every time he sees Blair naked, contradicting his so-called "cool" way of dealing with things. He is also a slacker that likes to find easier ways out of situations, shown when he attempts to cheat in a Shibusen exam, after which he ends up stripped of all of his clothes except his boxers, and is sent back to his seat to finish his test. However, one thing he has gained from all the years of being 'cool' is that he is possibly one of the most loyal people one could possibly meet. He firmly believes that breaking promises and changing sides 'isn't cool at all.' Deep down, he is always looking out for his friends, and is even willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect his partner, Maka, showing his bravery and dedication. Despite his usual unenthusiastic appearance, he proves to be actually quite determined, and he also helps people get back on their feet when they are at a loss. He is also quick-thinking and cunning, being able to figure out a plan or a strategy rather quickly.

After the rise of The Kishin Asura, however, Soul's personality greatly matures, and his stubborn and headstrong demeanor is replaced by a more cool-headed and serious one. He remains remarkably calm and composed no matter how dire the situation is and has impressively deep insight on various situations and people. He is often seen noticing important points no one else had thought of. This goes hand-in-hand with his acute sense and judgment, which is well-respected by his peers. He begins to show more awareness and understanding towards people, up until the point that he even lectures some of the other characters when they are too stubborn to see some situations clearly. Still, he sometimes thinks it best to leave people to figure things out on their own. He does not waste his words and is often blunt and sometimes short with people, but what he says is mostly to the point. He is also not as trusting as others, showing immediate hostility to anyone who he considers as suspicious, and his deductions are mostly correct. Once he considers someone as an enemy, he sticks to this opinion until it is proven wrong. Since he is infected by the Black Blood, he runs the risk of being overcome by Madness. Because of Soul's constant grapple with the Black Blood and Little Demon inside his soul, he has a good degree of self-control, and he rarely gives in to his emotions. He has demonstrated extremely strong willpower, being able to hold onto both his and Maka's sanity whilst using the Black Blood against Crona. He still has a compassionate side, proving to be a good, loyal friend to others, and is still willing to do anything he can to protect Maka.

He always tends to think things through before doing certain actions. Although this makes him more aware of things that some people cannot see, it sometimes hinders him as he often ends up doubting and hesitating at crucial moments, thereby making him become very indecisive when a decision has to be made quickly. Little Demon once mocked him, saying that the path he follows is only one that he has come across through process of elimination, thus he has no true conviction of his own, and is always running away. A flashback has shown him being even more indifferent about what he wants to do, but Soul states that things are different now, and that he has a conviction to become stronger for Maka. Her actions sometimes inspire him to follow his own heart, which results in him acting rather like Maka, putting himself in certain situations in a way that may seem reckless, but still courageous, such as when he decides to fight Giriko, showing that he has changed a lot over time. However, he seems to suffer from low self esteem and is not that confident in himself. He is saddened of his inferiority to Autonomous weapons like Justin and Giriko and cringes at the thought of his brother, Wes, who is a superior musician. He also conflicts frequently with the Little Demon in his soul. He keeps most of these problems to himself, and seems reluctant to share his problems with others, which sometimes makes him appear harsh and almost cold. He is mostly seen frowning or scowling. He is rather pessimistic, and is slightly aloof and detached from others, and he admits that he shares Crona's fear of bonding with people. He seems to dislike being popular, especially for rather shallow reasons, like his status as a Death Scythe, shown by his negative reaction to the many love letters and requests to become his partner that he receives. At the Shibusen anniversary party, he is seen outside on the balcony by himself rather than with the others, and does not tell Maka of his Black Blood infection and his dreams of Little Demon, although this is mainly because he does not want to worry her. He still has a kindhearted side, although he shows this side mostly to Maka.

In the first Chapter of Lust in The Book of Eibon, Soul is transformed into a girl with the characteristics of what entices him the most in the opposite gender. In this form, he noticeably has disgust towards men who are enticed by vulgar women, strongly resembling Maka's very same view. His personality returns to normal after leaving the first Chapter. He quickly reverts to his true male appearance alongside Maka, which means he does not possess many lustful thoughts (which is ironic because of his constant nosebleeds upon seeing Blair's naked body). Having come from a family of musicians, Soul also has a great talent for playing the piano. Maka reveals that when they first met, he performed a dark song for her. Apart from this one act, however, he appears reluctant to play in front of other people because he "doesn't know what he’s capable of." Soul’s brother, Wes, is a famous violinist, but Soul wished to break free from his family’s musical tradition, and upon discovering the blood of a Weapon coursing through his veins, he used it as an excuse to leave his past life. He still retains a deep love for music, however, and seems to show enthusiasm in regards to it. Memories of his past still affect him emotionally, so much so that he prefers to forget them entirely. Nevertheless, having grown up in a rather upper-class household he retains many mannerly skills, such as ballroom dancing. He also appears to have an excellent taste for music, personally enjoying jazz, and has a distinctive eye for architecture; he claims Blair’s pumpkin house to be ‘cool’ and later states that he likes Gothic designs when he sees Santa Maria Novella Basilica.

Soul's maturity as the series goes on begins to show more and more as he manages to help Maka when she is in emotional distress. Whenever Maka is in self-doubt or unsure what to do, his words often can help her make up her mind or cheer her up. When she is unsure of whether to help Shibusen fight against Arachne or help Crona and Marie defeat Medusa to save Stein, Soul encourages her to follow her heart and do what she believes is the right thing. In the last scene of the manga, Soul's compliments and thanks to her also cheer her up from her depression caused by the loss of Crona.


Main Article: Soul Evans/Relationships

Being cool, calm and easy to talk to, Soul has amassed a variety of relationships ranging from characters from all walks of life. Soul, being one of the franchise's strongest characters in terms of in world popularity, is also quite the hot commodity at the academy.


Soul has white hair swept to one side and red eyes. He is known for his heavily exaggerated facial expressions and pointed teeth. He naturally has a lazy, droopy, and somewhat uninterested expression on his face. In his first appearance, he wears a yellow and black jacket with buttons going down the front. Around his head is a prominent sweatband that has a sticker with his name on it and a circular logo featuring a red-lipped mouth bearing pointed fangs surrounded with the letters 'E-A-T.' He wears a pair of maroon pants, and yellow and black sneakers with a pattern on the soles resembling his teeth. In Episode 14, it is revealed that he wears blue boxers with pictures of bones all over them (a reference to Ohkubo's previous manga, B. Ichi). Although he does not seem to have a uniform for wearing in Shibusen at this time, in Soul Eater Not! he is seen wearing a gakuran. When seen bare-chested or naked, it is shown that he has a large scar going diagonally down his torso from the left shoulder to the right waist. These are from the operation Professor Stein performed after Crona attacked him during their first encounter.


Soul's soul (right) and Maka's soul (left) respectively.

His soul is light blue with the top resembling his hair and is also the Soul Eater series logo. It can be seen on the back of his first jacket.

Beyond Episode 24 and Chapter 25, Soul wears a hairband with new clothing consisting of a black (apparently leather) jacket, an orange T-shirt with the logo on his sweatband emblazoned on the left breast (this may only be visible in episode 49 when he collapses) and a pair of light brown pants, instead of his original headband and old clothing.

In his Spartoi uniform, Soul has kept to his fondness of wearing a jacket. This time, it is a custom, white (possibly military) jacket, with the Spartoi logo on the left shoulder with a small clip strapped to the collar for closing. Underneath the jacket, he wears a tucked-in, closed, white dress shirt with a tie. He is normally seen without the jacket on. He wears blue pants, a white belt, and white shoes.

When he meets with Little Ogre inside his soul in the Black Room, Soul wears a pin-striped black suit with a red dress shirt, black tie, and matching black shoes. He does not wear a hairband in this outfit.

Upon entering the first Chapter of Lust in the Book of Eibon, alongside Maka and other members of Spartoi, his appearance greatly changed in that his gender was switched to female for the remainder of the chapter. In this form, he resembles Maka in appearance, having long hair with a fluffy hairband visible beneath. The clothes are similar to the female Spartoi outfit, with the sailor suit collar, but with the difference that it is more like a dress. He wears a blouse with puffed up sleeves with some subtle flower petal patterns on the hem. The signature tie of the Spartoi uniform has been tied up to be in a bow-shape. He wears a silky skirt that goes down to his knees and white shoes. After reaching the Envy Chapter, he turns straight back to his normal gender.

In Weapon form, he takes on the form of a scythe with a long grey, staff-like haft. Despite probably being made of a metal-like material, the haft is capable of bending, sometimes at incredibly drastic angles. The scythe blade is black and red, with the two colors separated by a zig-zagged line going along the blade. Next to the blade is a prominent decor in the shape of an elliptical red eye with a black pupil, framed by a dark grey outline with a line extending out of the outline at the two points of the eye. The eye is capable of moving according to Soul's emotions. It widens when he is surprised, narrows when he is angry, and when he ends up unconscious after being devoured by the Black Blood in the anime, the red eye disappears to signify this. Below the eye is a triangular zig-zagged pattern, split with the colors dark grey and light grey. A slight extension, a bar with three holes punched through it, is seen next to the eye, opposite to the blade.

Soul's Not! outfit

Soul's Not! appearance.

After Soul becomes a Death Scythe, his Weapon form takes on a slightly different appearance. The prominent eye is now framed by gold metal, which goes around the eye and then splits into two strands of metal, which latch themselves onto the edge of the blade. The slight extension with the three holes is replaced by small wing-shaped objects, one red and one black. These wings can become bigger to enable flight. The blade's curve is also sharper, and the zig-zagged line separating the black and red is gone, with only three zig-zags and the rest a straight line.

Soul also occasionally rides a motorcycle, which acts as a form of alternate transportation for him and Maka. The bike is an orange and yellow cruising motorcycle and is a two-seater for him and Maka. A small metal ornament in the shape of a monster's head is seen on the front, with the monster's single 'eye' functioning as a headlight. The number plate at the back has his name on it instead. There are red streamers on the handlebars. At the start of the manga, Soul's bike has the same appearance, but later on, its elaborate design changes to the appearance of a regular motorcycle with no distinguishing features in particular.

In Soul Eater Not!, Soul wears a bright orange long-sleeved sweater that goes to his elbows, and has the words "PIANOMAN" written in red in the middle, followed by red vertical lines underneath. He wears blue jeans and red shoes.


  • Soul's headband has a rectangular sticker with the word "SOUL" and a circular sticker with a mouth and the letters E-A-T. These stickers refer to his stage name, "Soul Eater." The E-A-T sticker also may allude to his status as an EAT student at Shibusen.
    • His headband looks a little different in the very first chapters of the manga.
    • In Chapter 69, the round E-A-T sticker that was on Soul's sweatband seems now to be stuck to his locker.
  • In the Official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Soul ranked 4th in Soul Eater manga.
  • In Chapter 53, part of Soul's design may be based on that of Emine from Atsushi Ohkubo's previous manga, B. Ichi: both characters have white hair and red eyes and wear shoes with teeth marks on their soles.
  • Soul's theme song is "So Scandalous." He also has a character song with his meister Maka Albarn, "Mauve Iro no Sympathy."
  • In Volume 18 of the Soul Eater manga (which contained the Spartoi's adventures through the Book of Eibon), Atsushi Ōkubo created a horse-racing style table of the Soul Eater characters who have had their genders switched, and made a race as to who is the most lustful out of them all in a 'Lust Race.' Soul was given a racehorse name along with the other characters. His name was Soul Teio, probably named after the famous Japanese racehorse, Tokai Teio. His popularity level was 28.
  • Soul scored 35 in the Ultimate Written Exam.
  • Soul's chest scar was mistakenly mirrored in Chapter 42.
  • Soul shares a similar trait with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, as another weapon who obtained a special power after his encounter with a Demon Sword (a.k.a.; Ragnarok). With him gaining that special power, another entity now duels within his soul (Little Ogre). By the end of the series, both anime and manga, they themselves and their respective meisters master that power.
  • Despite their often conflicting personalities, Soul and Spirit Albarn share similarities: their weapons are both scythes, they both become Death Scythes (in the manga), and even their names are similar, the word "soul" being synonymous with "spirit."
  • Soul is the first character seen eating a soul.
  • In the final chapter of the manga, Soul is given the title "The Last Death Scythe," as no more Death Scythes will be made due to Death the Kid's peace treaty with the witches.


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