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A translation of Soul Eater Montone Princess's official website.


Game Overview

"Soul Eater Monotone Princess" is a Wii-compatible action-adventure game. Popular Monthly "Shounen Gangan" comic "Soul Eater" (author: Okubo Atsushi) makes its first appearance as a Wii-compatible game.

Use the Wii remote to play with familiar characters and of course, enjoy a fresh feeling from the action parts. In the adventure parts, the game will unravel an original story-mode.

Also, the TV Anime's broadcast (TV Tokyo) has started since April 2008. In the game, there will be animations similar to the TV Anime. It will be using high quality animations by animation studio BONES (Note: This is the animation studio responsible for the Soul Eater anime).

In addition, the game has an original story by comic author Okubo Atsushi. Many designed original game-exclusive characters will appear.

Most certainly, both the original comic and TV Anime have lots of content that are "resonant". By all means, please stay tuned!

Point 1

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Theme Song

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Product Information

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Soul Eater Characters

Maka (Meister)

CV: Chiaki Omigawa

Soul (Demon Weapon)

CV: Koki Uchiyama

Black☆Star (Meister)

CV: Yumiko Kobayashi

Tsubaki (Demon Weapon)

CV: Kaori Nazuka 

Death (Meister)

CV: Miyano Mamoru

Liz & Patty (Demon Weapon)

CV: Akeno Watanabe (Liz), Narumi Takahira (Patty)

Death Scythe (Demon Weapon)

CV: Tōru Ōhkawa


CV: Koyama Rikiya

Franken Stein (Meister)

CV: Yūya Uchida

Sid (Meister)

CV: Masafumi Kimura

Blair (Cat?)

CV: Katou Emiri

Game-exclusive Characters

Killbell (Enemy)

CV: Yasuhiko Kawazu

Death Knower (Enemy)

Nals (Enemy)

CV: Makoto Yasumura

Alone (Enemy)

CV: Otoya Kawano

Gigant (Enemy)

CV: Matsuda Kenichirou

Grimoire (?)

CV: Kirii Daisuke

Ponera (?)

CV: Ishizuka Sayori


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