"I remember how dangerous Tezca Tlipoca can be in the daytime. I think he'll attack by focusing the sun's light with his mirror."

— Justin Law in "Hellfire".

Solar Ray (ソーラーレイ, Sorā Rei) is an offensive light-based attack done by the Death Scythe, Tezca Tlipoca


Solar Ray beam

The beam from the Solar Ray technique.

Fabricating numerous lengths of flawless successive mirrors along specific portions of his body, he angles the resulting structure so that a significant quantity of the Sun's light is gathered in just a single minute focal point through the use of reflection, before firing a concentrated beam of intense localized energy at the intended target. This ray is so powerful that in spite of its size, the heat generated is enough to scorch the earth in the immediate vicinity of its trajectory, while incinerating anything caught directly within its path.

When first demonstrated, the technique managed to vaporize a portion of Justin's face despite the armor conferred by performing a Madness Fusion with a Clown, which had previously managed to render even Medusa Gorgon's Vector Arrow ability completely useless. [1]


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