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Sofia (ソフィア, Sofia) is a tour guide and stewadess in the DWMA that takes students of Death Weapon Meister Academy on field trips in her airplane.[1]


Sofia is described by Tsubaki to be friendly and nice, enjoying her job as a stewardess and tourist guide. She is intelligent, having information on a variety of legends and locations all over the world. She also possess an eccentric side, in which she tends to speak like that expected of a tourist guide even when the situation doesn't call for it. In once instance in her introduction, she had deviated the class's attention to her airplane and express that they will board it. After, she had then deviated her "audience" to the left, and expressed the obvious of those on her left being DWMA students.[1]


Sophia appears as a young woman of fair skin and short hair adorned in dark colored clothes. She wears a formal, stewardess/pilot themed shirt with an undershirt underneath it as well as a matching skirt. She wears a flight attendant hat and a scarf around her neck.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Aviation: Sofia is a skilled pilot and is capable of piloting her airplane.[1]


Special Soul Studies Field TripEdit


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