Siren (誘惑の暗礁, Seirēn) is a Demon within the Book of Eibon captured by Noah.[1]


Soul Eater Chapter 80 - Siren

Siren's appearance.

Siren appears to be a simple construction that is reminiscent of a singular loudspeaker. A distinguishing this creature from the standard electrical appliance is a distinctive linear patterning that is present on the surround, but by far its most characteristic feature is that of a cloaked female and angelic form, that is integrated into the electronic component of the structure by both its hands and torso.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Sound (音, Oto): With a deafening scream, the Siren can use a powerful blast of dense sound waves to repel an attacker or attack. This was capable of pushing back Black☆Star while under the effects of Madness Takehold.[1]

Enhanced Durability: Siren was capable of taking damage from the Demon Twin Guns powered by Death the Kid's wavelength while under the effects of Madness Takehold.[1]


At some point, Siren was founded by Noah and consequentially captured and imprisoned within the Book of Eibon.[1]


Salvage ArcEdit

Siren was later summoned to defend Noah from both Death the Kid and Black☆Star, with the Siren blowing away the assassin. She is later summoned back into the Book of Eibon after.[1]


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