Silver Gun
Silver Gun
Technique Data
English Title Silver Gun
Romaji Shirubāgan
Katakana シルバー ガン
Alternate Title(s)
Type Melee,
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 69
Anime Debut
It will be your head that is next.

Justin, Chapter 69

Silver Gun Capture

Justin capturing his intended victims, before initiating the attack

Silver Gun (シルバー ガン Shirubāgan in Japanese), also known as Law-Abiding Silver Gun, is a vicious attack that's solitary aim is to sever the heads of multiple opponents in a single guillotine-like motion, orchestrated entirely by Justin Law while in his Madness Fusion form. He first traps the heads of his intended victims in the head restraint part of his guillotine Weapon form, before having multiply guillotine blades fly out of his sleeves, beheading his victims in quick succession. Justin can summon multiple blades and head restraints attached to chains on his sleeve.

In order to enact this technique successfully a precursor condition is required, which sees the intended victims ensnared by the respective headlock components of the individual guillotine blades. This suitably restricts and limits the enemies movements, while providing a direct path for the blade to travel along, greatly improving the overall accuracy and success rate of the attack. However; as these head restraints are so cumbersome and large, they give the opponent ample opportunity to attempt to evade but this disadvantge can be negated as Justin can simply conceal the component beforehand in a nearby wall or floor.

The force involved with this ability is substantial, as demonstrated when it easily slices through three of Medusa Gorgon's snakes that are using Madness Fusion, in the technique's first appearance.