Utility Meister (万能職人, Ban'nō Shokunin): In addition to mainly functioning as a Knife Meister, Sid is also able to match wavelength with other different types of weapons.[1]

Episode 3 - Sid hits Black Star with his tombstone

Sid uses his Tombstone as a weapon against Black Star.

  • Improbable Weapon User: Although a Meister, Sid is extremely skilled in the usage of other weapons. Despite a tombstone being an unusual weapon, Sid was able to effectively use the weapon and was able to overpower both Maka Albarn wielding the Demon Scythe (Soul Eater) and Black☆Star using the Demon Shadow Weapon (Tsubaki) for an amount of time.[2]
  • Knife Meister (ナイフ職人, Naifu Shokunin): According to Maka Albarn, Sid is primarily a Knife Meister and due to being a Three-Star Meister, is implied to have extreme skill and ability in the employement and usage of a combat knife as a weapon.[3] He showcased particular skill in the usage when he fought against one of Arachnophobia's goons and fought against Mifune.[4]
Episode 34 - Mifune deflects a shot from Sid and Azusa

Sid using Azusa's Gunbow form.

  • Gun-Type Meister (銃型職人, Jū-gata Shokunin): Sid also is able to function as a Gun-Type Meister when partnered up with Azusa Yumi in her Gunbow transformation. His wavelength was powerful enough to decimate most of Mosquito's torso with one shot in his initial form.[5] Combined with his zombie skills and athleticism, he can use his gun weapon as a blunt weapon as well as keep up with Mifune in a fight.[6]
  • Marksmanship: Sid possess impressive amount of marksmanship skills, not only able to accurate aim at a target from a distance with a gun[5] but also uses his throwing skills with a knife to a deadly effect. With the usage of throwing his knife, he's easily killed Arachnophobia guards with throws aimed to their heads[7] as well as kill the assassin, Fisher King, with a well-placed throw to the head.[8]
Sid grabs Mifune by the feet

Sid using his burrowing to grab Mifune's feet.

Burrow: After becoming a Zombie, Sid gained the power as a Zombie to burrow holes at quick speeds. This is especially useful in evasion and the speed in which is done is quick enough to disappear from Mifune's sight moments after hitting him with the Gunbow weapon during his fight with the Sword God. This could be done by either dirt or even snow.[9]

Stealth:As a ninja, Sid possess renown skills in stealth, managing to infiltrate the Arachnophobia facility without detection from Mosquito and Mifune[10] as well as in the anime even spy on Death the Kid from a distance without the young Death God's bituce and later reporting the Death on his son's distrust despite the former possessing acute skill in Soul Perception.[11] Sid also manage to sneak around the entire Clown Army during their battle on the Moon.[12]

Sid knees a Magic Worm

Sid kneeing a one of Noah's Worm.

Master Martial Artist:Sid is a highly skilled and trained fighter and possesses skill in martial arts as well as being familiar overall with different types. He's also known to be Black☆Star's teacher.[13] While his prowess is relatively unknown, he's skilled enough to easily dispatch Arachnophobia soldiers[14] as well as damage one of Noah (Greed)'s Magic Worm familiars, despite missing an arm.

  • Art of Assassination (暗殺術, Ansatsu jutsu): Like that of Black☆Star, Sid is a extremely skilled individual employing this method and is a far more serious assassin that that of Black☆Star, being part of his occupation at the DWMA. Mifune's comment during his battle with Sid implied the fact that it was him who taught Black☆Star the usage of this fighting style.[15]

Soul Perception (魂感知能力, Tamashī Kanchi Nōryoku): Sid has shown proficiency in sensing the soul of others, evident when he was able to identify White☆Star's Soul Wavelength within his son, Black☆Star.[16]

Athleticism: As a trained ninja and assassin, Sid possess great athletic shape per being a top-notched, three-star Meister.[3]

Episode 4 - Sid display of speed

Sid's speed during a battle.

  • Immense Speed: Sid was fast enough momentarily jump and catch up to Black☆Star in the air moments after hitting up upwards into the air.[17]
  • Immense Strength: Sid possess an astounding amount of strength. While alive in the anime, Sid was able to lift a lamp post from the street while chasing Shaula Gorgon.[18] As a zombie, he was able to easily use his own tombstone as a weapon, overpowering both Black☆Star and Maka Albarn on their remedial lesson[19]


  • Incom (隠会無, Inkamu): Occasionally, Sid may reprise the use of the Demon Tool known as Incom to communicate with various other individuals within the DWMA Intelligence Agency.[20]
  • Knives (Anime Only): Sid also secretly carries knives within his person, as shown when he uses them against Hero in a comedic effect.[21]


Episode 4 - Living End

Sid performing Living End.

  • Living End (リビング・エンド, Ribingu Endo): While wielding his own gravestone, Sid leaps above the intended target, before using the momentum of the fall and the full extent of his physical strength to slam the object's base into his opponent's body with a tremendous amount of force.[22]
Soul Resonance with Mira Naigus
  • Forced Burial (強制土葬, Kyōsei Dosō):Through the amplification of their respective soul wavelengths, Mira's weapon form is able to alter its shape to a gravestone. After the blade of her knife is engulfed in an intense white light, Sid then slams the base of tombstone into the ground, a quantity of tunnels going directly downwards, appear beneath multiple individuals in the immediate vicinity of Sid simultaneously.[23]


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