Sid Barrett (シド・バレット, Shido Baretto; FUNimation "Sid Barett") is an undead former instructor of Death Scythe Meister Academy and a high ranking commander of the DWMA Intelligence Agency. Prior to his death at the Square of Liberty while investigating Shaula Gorgon's malicious plans,[6] he was a high ranking Three-Star Meister[7] He is known to be Black☆Star's adopted father.[5]


Prior to his death, Sid was known to be a friendly and well-respected teacher, having earned admiration and respect from not only the students he taught, whether they were in the EAT or NOT class, but even the likes of the staff such as Death and his weapon partner, Mira Naigus.[8][9] While Sid was somewhat strict in his teachings (chopping Maka Albarn for wasting an underclassmen's time, not assisting the students when Hero obtained Excalibur) as matter of fact, he deeply cared for all his students. He was also merciful and loved children even at a young age of 13, having been the one to not only spare Black☆Star's life but accept him as his own son.[5] He also was an individual never hesitated in helping a student and inspire them to unleash their latent potential.[8] He also described himself as a stubborn individual, and that is the "Kind of man he is", a phrase in which would later be reworded to fit his status as a zombie.[10]

Even when he resurfaced as a Zombie, he still retained all his previous traits. While he initially portrayed himself to want to kill his students for them to be relieved of the fear of death, this ended up being a ruse in which the remedial lesson was to strengthen them, a part he played in willingly to help his students grow stronger.[11] In addition, Sid carries himself as a professional and follows orders to the letter, a case he would use to spare Mifune since his mission wasn't to end the samurai's life and admitted to Joe Buttataki.[1] and that he found value in Mifune as a character. Sid is also known for describing and critiquing himself, often saying "That's the kind of man I was".

Though Sid has many respectable qualities, however, he is a low-key pervert. When threaten for information on who turned him into a zombie, he confessed once Black☆Star lifted up Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's skirt. When Soul tried to use Maka's sex appeal to get the location of the man who turned him into a zombie, he admitted it wasn't attractive.[8] However, this part of his personality is only present in the manga and excluded in the anime.



After becoming a zombie, his skin has adopted a bluish tone and his face is composed of a flat, piggish nose, with pupiless white eyes and a mouth that persistently displays his top and bottom teeth. Despite being undead, he still retains the full extent of both his hair and physical build.[12]

Although Sid's clothing remains largely the same no matter what his own current condition is, it changes drastically to suit what the day-to-day circumstances entail. During normal everyday proceedings, he is commonly seen wearing blue jeans with a small chain hanging from one side and sneakers, accompanied by one of his various tops. Earlier in the series, this top is a simple white basketball jersey, embellished with a red number "23" on either side or his forename higher up on its back. Later, this changes to a red t-shirt with the image of a white, silhouetted tombstone upon either side while the word "tomb" is shown within the design on the front. Aside from his top, he is normally seen with a beanie hat, likely to cover the hole through his forehead.

However, when conducting an operation for DWMA, Sid dons more appropriate garments befitting his present role. These typically comprise of an entirely black, sleeveless flak jacket, military combat pants and combat boots. These are accompanied by a forehead protector, iron bands encircling his wrists and further metal protectors on his ankles.[13]

During the attack on Noah's Group, Sid lost one of his arms but has since recovered and replaced, covering in stich markings.[14]


When Sid was alive, he was a muscular, dark-skinned man with cornrowed hair and black Japanese tattoos on both his arms which still remain in his zombie transformation. The kanji shown in the tattoo on his shoulder stands for "death", and the arrow under it stands for "person". He also possessed with a headband that had the writing meaning "hole" upon it but, after his transformation into a zombie, an actual hole through his head is now present where the writing once appeared.[15]


Sid vs Mifune

Sid as he engages Mifune in battle.

As a three-star Meister, Sid is both a formidable assassin and among one of the DWMA Elite, having not only showed immense skill in handling and pressuring two teams of One-Star Meisters who were ay the top students of Death Weapon Meister Academy EAT Class (Maka Albarn/Soul Eater & Black☆Star/Tsubaki Nakatsukasa)[3] but also was capable of competing with Mifune, possessor of a Strong Soul.[16]


  • "Adults always cling to the past...while kids always want to escape to the future. But Black☆Star lives in the here and now." (Sid to Liz concerning Black☆Star)[17]


  • Sid's name in Japanese is written "Shido" and spelled with the characters meaning "dead" and "person", a fitting reference to his current status as a Zombie.
  • He is named after Pink Floyd's original frontman Syd Barrett.


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