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Zombie Sid(Anime)

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Sidney "Sid" Barett
Sid, Sid-sensei
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Black Star(Adopted Son)

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Sidney "Sid" Barett (死人(シド)・バレット, Shido Baretto; Literally meaning "Dead Person"), is a former DWMA instructor who died and was subsequently turned into a zombie by Dr. Stein.


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During his time when he was alive, Sid was a three star knife meister and a teacher at Shibusen. His job was taken over by Dr. Stein after the event. He still goes to the school to help the students and teachers in any way he can. Sid's reason for helping the school is that it is what he would have done when he was alive.


Right now what you need is punishment. Something tedious and boring to get your mind on track. [This is a huge mess, aren't you at least going to help me?] That would defeat the purpose! I don't spoil my students. That's not the kind of man I was!

Sid, to Black☆Star, Episode 9

Sid constantly talks about how he has always been "that kind of man" (referring to when he was alive) and the things he could not do in life but now can since he has become a zombie. Sid also seems to display a father-like role for Black☆Star, as he constantly tries to teach Black☆Star how to follow the Assassin's Rules and not be so self-centered, much like a real father would for his child. After the Star Clan was destroyed he brought the only survivor, baby Black☆Star, back to Shibusen.


When Sid was alive, he was a muscular, dark-skinned man with cornrowed hair and black Japanese tattoos on both his arms which still remain in his current form. The kanji shown in the tattoo on his shoulder stands for "Death", and the arrow under it stands for "Person". While Sid was alive, he also appeared with a headband that had the writing meaning "Hole" upon it but, after his transformation into a zombie, an actual hole through his head is now present where the writing once appeared.

Sid dies because he was stabbed in the head with a miniature statue of liberty, by Meme Tatane. Professor Stein then turns him into a zombie.

After becoming a zombie, his skin has adopted a bluish tone and his face is composed of a flat, piggish nose, with pupiless white eyes and a mouth that persistently displays his top and bottom teeth. Despite being undead, he still retains the full extent of both his hair and physical build.

Although Sid's clothing remains largely the same no matter what his own current condition is, it changes drastically to suit what the day-to-day circumstances entail. During normal everyday proceedings, he is commonly seen wearing blue jeans with a small chain hanging from one side and sneakers, accompanied by one of his various tops. Earlier in the series, this top is a simple white basketball jersey, embellished with a red number "23" on either side or his forename higher up on its back. Later, this changes to a red t-shirt with the image of a white, silhouetted tombstone upon either side while the word "tomb" is shown within the design on the front. Aside from his top, he is normally seen with a beanie hat, likely to cover the hole through his forehead.

However, when conducting an operation for Shibusen, Sid dons more appropriate garments befitting his present role. These typically comprise of an entirely black, sleeveless flak jacket, military combat pants and combat boots. These are accompanied by a forehead protector, iron bands encircling his wrists and further metal protectors on his ankles.

During the attack on Noah's group Sid has suffered severe damage from Noah's attacks as he now seems to have lost one of his arms. As of Chapter 89 it is shown that Sid's arm has been replaced.


Sid shares a deep respect for Death and greatly takes pride in himself knowing that he can always help him on dangerous missions that lower starred Meisters cannot handle. Sid is one of Death's most trusted Shibusen staff members, and Sid is mutually trusting of Death in every way. The relationship also draws a close friendship between the two, and they converse with each other just as often as Spirit does with Death. As a whole, Sid's relationship to Death bears much similarity to Spirit's, Death's own Weapon partner.
Sid has a very close relationship with Black☆Star, even though very little connection is between them in the anime. Sid is the person who adopts and raises Black☆Star after the Star Clan is wiped out. It is shown, mainly through flashbacks, that the two do share a strong father-son or student-mentor relationship.


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Combat Skills

See Also: Art of Assassination

Sid's Combat Prowess

Sid shows great Combat Prowess.

Due to his experience and training in the Shibusen, he's shown to be in excellent physical condition. Mifune even referred to him as a "Shinobi"[sourcing needed]. And unlike Black*Star, he actually follows the rules of an assassin. His skills are great enough to fight Black Star and Maka with their weapons and hold his own with all 4 of them & also hold his own against Mifune.[sourcing needed]

Espionage Agent

Sid is often sent on missions as a spy or missions involving Infiltration along with Mira Nygus.[sourcing needed]}He also seems to play a role in the Shibusen's CIA Branch.[sourcing needed]

Versatile Meister

Despite being a knife Meister, he is also seen able to use a GunBow and Spirit. He also seems to be proficient with weapons.[sourcing needed]

Soul Studies

He has been shown to be knowledgeable in how Souls work and was a teacher in Shibusen, furthering proving he's knowledgeable in Souls.[sourcing needed]

Soul Perception

He has shown to be skillful at this, Able to sense Asura while at the moon and noting when Black Star's Wavelength becomes similar to that of his father.[sourcing needed]


He has been seen able to dig underground quickly, a useful skill for sneaking or evasion. He most likely gained this skill after becoming a Zombie. He's seen able to sneak up to the likes of Mifune. [sourcing needed]


Stand Alone

With Mira Nygus


He was a part of a team of meisters and weapons (among them Stein and Death Scythe) who were responsible for the annihilation of the Star Clan. He apparently knew White☆Star and saw him as he killed an innocent, devolving his clan into madness and becoming a Kishin. After the annihilation of the clan, it was Sid who took Black☆Star, White☆Star's son, disregarding Stein's advice to either kill or abandon the baby, and raised him at Shibusen. As such, he is considered not only Black☆Star's mentor, but flashbacks have shown that they shared a brother/brother or father/son relationship.

Soul Eater NOT!

Introduction Not! Arc

Shinigami Enraged He hasn't reached his full strength yet. But I don't have my deathscythe.

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Shibusen Traitor Arc

Shinigami Enraged He hasn't reached his full strength yet. But I don't have my deathscythe.

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Battle Festival Arc

Shinigami Enraged He hasn't reached his full strength yet. But I don't have my deathscythe.

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Soul Eater

Remedial Lessons Arc

Part 1

Rumors had become rife within Shibusen about various strange occurrences, all surrounding a recently deceased teacher. The rumors said that he got the idea of absolute freedom stuck in his head and started attacking students to show them the amount of freedom dying had brought him. These stories pertained to Sid's present circumstances but, due to their unsubstantiated nature, they were largely dismissed, especially by Maka Albarn who believed that Sid wasn't capable of such things. However, Shinigami himself soon personally tasks Maka, Soul Eater, Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa with the collection of the now-zombie Sid's soul.

Sid vs Maka

Sid suddenly emerges from beneath the ground

The group proceeds to Hook Cemetery, where Sid's grave is located, and gather around his tombstone. Sid suddenly emerges from beneath the ground, grabbing Maka's left ankle in the process, before trying to impale her with a sharpened stake in his other hand. Soul makes it just in time, separating the pair but provoking Sid to substitute his weapon with his own enormous, cross-shaped gravestone. Despite originally being a knife meister, Sid wields this object to devastating effect and initially overwhelms his opponents. He even goes as far as providing his enemies with constructive advice, while still fighting them. It is only after Sid uses Living End that the tables begin to turn and Black☆Star manages to land a highly damaging blow. After Maka's unsuccessful attempt at a Witch-Hunt Slash and Sid's quick return to underground, it is left to Black☆Star to capture him using Trap☆Star.After much interrogation; culminating in Black Star lifting up Tsubaki's dress, Sid finally admits that it was Dr. Stein who turned him into a zombie. [1][2]

Part 2

Stein is targeted next by Maka and Black☆Star's teams, as part of the remainder of their lesson. Sid patiently waits with the students while they conduct this operation, even allowing Tsubaki to attend to Black☆Star, injured during the fight with Stein, without trying to escape. However, it is eventually revealed that the entirety of the previous events had all been a trick, set up by both Shinigami and Dr. Stein to better teach the students.[3] [4]

Holy Sword

For failing to capture any souls in his last extra lesson, even though it was just supplementary, Sid decides to charge Black☆Star with an appropriate punishment. This takes the form of cleaning Shibusen's huge library which, of course, Black☆Star isn't overly happy with. However, Sid simply reasons that by not completing such lessons it is unfair on Tsubaki and so if he doesn't like it, he should just change his ways. He then proceeds to leave, promising to check back on him later.

True to his word, Sid returns and is surprised by the sight he is observing, as the library is now completely clean. However, he soon notices Tsubaki who announces that she has only one book left to do. Sid's expression quickly changes to one of pure rage, realizing exactly what the "brat" had done but just as he is about to leave to find Black☆Star, Stein explains that he went looking for the holy sword Excalibur. With both predicting the result of such an action, Sid decides it's best just to go back to grading tests.

Ultimate Written Exam

When the students of Shibusen are made to partake in a significant test; Sid fills the role of the "exam proctor" and promptly makes an example of Black☆Star, who is currently hanging beaten and bloody from a nearby wall having stolen the test answers, as a reason for why they shouldn't attempt to cheat. He subsequently explains the rules and pronounces the start of the exam. Sid is so diligent in his duty that he easily notices and punishes Soul's cheating, who had written the answers all over his body. Except for this slight hiccup, the rest of the test goes without incident as far as Sid is concerned.

Black Dragon

In one of Shibusen's many corridors, Sid and Stein discuss an urgent matter, concerning the possibility of Medusa, the school nurse, being a witch. In order to resolve this issue and acquire the much needed proof, Sid locates and subsequently infiltrates her house where he discovers numerous artifacts with a direct relation to witches. However, upon finding Medusa's diary and deciphering her intended plans, Sid is assaulted by numerous versions of Eruka Frog's Tadpole Bombs.

The Eve's Fight to The Death

After the events of the previous chapter, Sid bursts into the commemoration festival heavily wounded and quickly alerts everyone to "get out of here!" He firstly explains that he managed to survive by diving underground just as the explosion occurred, before informing the others that Medusa's group were patiently waiting for the day Shinigami-sama got out of his mirror and gathered together with the teachers in a single location. It then rapidly develops into a race against time, as Sid attempts to activate Compulsive Burial before Free can use his Spatial Magic: Independent Cube. The contest results with Sid as the victor, using his technique just mere moments before Free completes his own. Sid utters his final words to the group involved with the ability, as the cube is sealed.

With the current circumstances isolating most of Shibusen's forces within a single room, Shinigami asks if Sid is alright, he replies yes but is extremely apologetic, just wishing he could have done more. Shinigami manages to convince him that he did the best he could considering, before proceeding to discuss Medusa's use of Soul Protect to deceive them, provoking Sid to unintentionally mention the Kishin. This leaves Shinigami with little option other than to reveal the presence of the Kishin, but when he simply announces "there is a Kishin in Shibusen's basement", Sid warns him that that's too short.

Daily Life

Due to the conclusion of the previous battle resulting in Asura's revival, Sid had been tasked in gathering together the death scythes, who where spread out around the world. Sid managed to successfully summon 4 out of the 8, but those in charge of Europe and South-west Asia were currently both on a mission, the one in charge of South America only said "gugugu" which prevented any communication, whereas Africa just rejected the invitation.


With Medusa's sudden exposure as a witch and her recent death; Mira Nygus, Sid's partner, adopts the role of interim doctor. While she is currently attending to a paralyzed Maka, Sid enters and comments on how nice she looks in her new uniform, before asking if she had a minute. He silently mutters about new intelligence being received from Azusa Yumi, concealing his mouth as he does so, continuing to say that he can't say anymore with the others present. Both proceed to make their exit, discussing outside the exact details of the operation which requires them to infiltrate an Arachnophobia laboratory and destroy the Demon Tool located inside.

Sid Assassination

Sid assassinates a member of Arachnophobia, by breaking their neck

In one of the many corridors of the facility, two guards chat casually at their post, when suddenly a knife lands square between the eyes of one of them. Before the other has time to react, Sid drops down from the ceiling and breaks his neck in one simple movement. The two bodies disintegrate and their souls are absorbed into Mira's holster, as Sid informs Yumi of their current progression, to which she replies with detailed instructions and information about their target. Unexpectedly the alarm begins to sound, resulting in Sid uttering "impossible" but Yumi confirms that it was Black☆Star's presence at the front entrance, which caused the situation. Sid uses this opportunity to infiltrate the target room, photograph the Demon Tool in question and set various explosives in the immediate area.

After returning to Yumi's position and observing Black☆Star's crushing defeat at the hands of Mifune, Sid takes the decision to use her weapon form to devastate Mosquito's left torso. He attempts a subsequent shot at Mifune, but the samurai easily parries the blast and moves into their blind spot. This moves Sid to compliment Yumi's accuracy, but question whether Mifune is a normal man to be able to avoid her shot so easily.

Reunion Express

Nearing the conclusion of a significant battle between Death the Kid, the Fisher King and a single Mizune, Sid suddenly appears and uses Mira to pierce the Fisher King's eye at range, killing him instantly. Sid then tells Kid that he and Shibusen's Africa Branch's Recovery Squad will handle it from here, before being told that the witch managed to escape. However, Sid is unconcerned and instead focuses upon the fact that another demon tool has come into their possession.

"Brew" Tempest

In a large scale conflict over the acquisition of Brew, which sees the majority of Arachnophobia confronting Shibusen, Sid and his respective squad are tasked with suppressing the opposing force. While Sid is requesting that his squad not lose concentration due to the effects of the island's magnetic field, they suddenly come under ambush from the enemy. Sid deftly avoids a swift sword swing to bury Mira, in her weapon form, deep into the opponent's chest, before grabbing the victim's head and repeatedly stabbing them in mere moments. Yumi, presently residing on Sid's back in her weapon form, brings his attention to their allies below who are on the verge of being annihilated just by Mifune. Sid quickly orders Mira to head to a designated location, before he charges into battle.

Adopting a higher vantage point, Sid takes aim and accurately fires at his intended prey, but Mifune easily deflects and recovers from the shot, proceeding then to quickly close the gap between himself and Sid. Sid blocks the subsequent strike using a concealed wrist protector and skillfully manages to connect with Mifune's arm, acquiring considerable distance from him by tunneling through the soft snow. Mifune gives chase and, while sliding down a steep cliff, Sid turns and fires multiple shots, issuing the challenge "come and get me, samurai".

Sid vs Mifune

Sid and Mifune furiously fight each other

Continuing their thrilling game of cat and mouse, Mifune relentlessly pursues Sid but seemingly growing annoyed at his constant tunneling antics, he kicks numerous swords in Sid's direction. These weapons easily and accurately pierce the ground below yet Sid manages an apparently successful escape, however, in the process he suffered a glancing wound to his abdomen. Never the less, he proceeds onwards towards the rendezvous point.

When Mifune reaches this specified destination, he is subjected to various elements in a trap, concluding in Sid grabbing his feet from below as a large block of wood hurtles towards him. In order to keep his enemy in position, Sid suffers a grievous wound to his shoulder, but he quickly gains revenge on a bloodied Mifune by impaling his arm. The two face-off with other, trading words before preparing to begin their next round of fighting. However, observing Shibusen's retreat signal the two see no reason to continue any further.

After returning to the original landing location, Sid orders the treatment of the wounded before tending to even his own injuries, when he is soon informed by Kim and Jacqueline of the current situation. Hearing that the other students and teachers are currently in tremendously dangerous positions, Sid valiantly makes the decision to mount a rescue operation despite his wounds, but at Mira's pleadings, he hurriedly gets them treated.

Sid eventually makes it to the magnetic field and begins to ask about the status of Brew but, seeing Stein on the ground and unable to move, he instead simply offers to carry him on his shoulders.

Internal Investigation

With the recent circumstances surrounding the failure of the operation to capture Brew, due largely to Stein's unfortunate and seemingly coincidental outburst of madness, it's assumed there is a traitor within Shibusen. As a result of this, Sid is questioned by Joe Buttataki in his investigation into the possibility of the presence of a spy.

During the course of this interrogation, Sid reveals that his primary mission types are "assassination" and "infiltration", making him the most suitable and likely candidate to be the traitor but he remains fervent in his denial of the accusations.

There is Someone to Admire

He is shown to be at the meeting concerning the Kishin's location. He and the others learn that the Kishin has been hiding out on the Moon and it also appears that after his recent battle against Noah's group, Sid has had his supposed severed arm repaired or reattached.

Battle on the Moon

He was on the moon and sends Akane and Clay to go inside and to find the Kishin.

Witch Trial

Sid came inside to check on Akane and Clay but also encounters the new Noah and Gopher. Akune told him he was using them (Noah and Gopher said the opposite). Even though he is annoyed, he continued on in the cave. As they reach to end of the cave, they found a pitch black pit. Gopher offer to light up the pit, but Sid decline him and drop a flare instead. Asura woke up and released his madness upon everyone, only to find that it was a hallucination. Sid then proves that Asura is there.

Dark Side of the Moon

Versus Asura


  • Sid's name in Japanese is written "Shido" and spelled with the characters meaning "dead" and "person", a fitting reference to his current status as a Zombie.
  • It seems that Sid and his weapon, Mira Nygus, use an "Undead" theme in the series, with Sid being a zombie and Mira covered in bandages as a mummy. Their attacks match the theme too, as does his ability to use his tombstone as a weapon.
  • When fighting with Maka and Soul on the graveyard, Sid was mimicking the sound of school bell (kill kon kan kun), replacing the "kin"/"kil" with "kill".
  • Unlike Black☆Star, Sid actually follows The Assassin's Rules.
  • Sid is 25 years of age, making him about 12 when he adopted Black☆Star.
  • Sid is more of a pervert in the manga as seen at the end of his fight in his first appearance.
  • Sid's catchphrase is the kind of man I was, as a way of describing himself that calls attention to his undead nature. In the anime, Sid, before his death, says "that's the kind of man I am".
  • His name is a possible refrence to Syd Barett, the guitarist from Pink Floyd


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