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Shinigami Powers (死神の力, Shinigami no chikara) are the latent, divine powers of a Death God.[3]


Originating from the Lines of Sanzu[4], these powers allow for a plethora of effects and divine powers. The exact nature of these powers are unknown. These powers can have their own, independent theme such as the likes of a Hindu/Buddhism theme. It also allows for creation of Death God-related items.[5][6]

Capabilities & TechniquesEdit


Shinigami Powers allows a Death God have a variety of powers and techniques such as:


There are some unspecified capabilities under Shinigami Powers. Varying from each Death God, some of these capabilities include:

  • Materialization of certain, special objects such as Beelzebub and Shinigami Jets.[7]
  • Phasing, interacting, and traveling through the use of mirrors. Special mirrors like that of Shinigami's Mirror can even be "called" via writing 42-42-564 with condensation on a mirror.[8]
  • Some sort of possessing ability involving "shadowing" a object (such as Death City Robot) and taking control over it.[9]
  • Call and summon forth another Death God as a hologram with a special, magical-like circle shaped like a skull.
  • Creation and manipulation of fire.[10]

Special ObjectsEdit


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