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Shinigami Jets is a special item used by Death.[1]


The jets appear to be in a skull-like shape with only one of the spikes protruding out instead of the normal three. It's jet stream is also colored blue.[2] Back in the times before Death changed his appearance, the skulls were fashioned to look like that of his old mask


Shinigami Jets are summoned from a Death God.[3] It enables the user to fly and maneuver at incredible speeds. In the manga, this item can only be conjured up by a Death God whom has at least two of the Lines of Sanzu connected.[3] In the anime, the Death City Robot was using a giant variation of the Shinigami jets, though it was incapable of flying and the jets could barely remain active.[4] It is possible that the robot needed the jets just to balance itself or bear its weight.


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