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Shinigami Chop (脳天直撃死神チョップ, Nōten Chokugeki Shinigami Choppu) is a powerful melee technique and one of Death's signature attacks.[1]


Originally used as a means of punishment to others, the Shinigami Chop, when used seriously, is reputed to have the physical power to beat even a Demon.[2] This technique was also speculated to have the capability to end Blair in one hit in addition.[1] This technique is executed like an ordinary karate chop, with the user yelling out "Shinigami Chop".[3]


This technique is especially well known within the students and staff in the DWMA. Medusa Gorgon even once admitted to having fear being on the receiving end of the Shinigami Chop, doing what she could as a school nurse to avoid being subjected to the chop.[4]



  • Jackie Chop.
  • Maka Chop with her hand.
  • Although this covers the technique used by Death, the Shinigami Chop itself has a mock-like copy in which various students in the DWMA perform. This may result from a student that displays actions another may find stupid. It also has given inspiration for other chops used by character, replacing the foam gloves with a hand instead.


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