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Traitors ArcsEdit

Shaula discusses her plans with her Traitor

Shaula discuss her plans in dealing with Shibusen.

Seated within the confines of a spacious office, Shaula awaits the arrival of one of her subordinates, after the Traitor's previous brief engagement with Anya Hepburn. Noting the desired individual's return, she asserts that the collected data from her various experiments is gradually reaching fruition, before dismissing those before her as mere prototypes. Upon word from another assistant that preparations have been completed, Shaula proudly declares that she will now prove her superiority to the other Gorgon Sisters.[1]

Hoang Thi ''Eternal Feather'' Mai - (11)

Eternal Feather looks at Shaula's jewelry.

Sometime later, Shibusen suspects her and begins their search for her. She is later seen at a public market place with a disguise on with the notion of selling scorpoin-themed jewelry. She tricks Eternal Feather into wearing one of her cursed scorpion rings which gives Shaula mental control over her.[2][3] She  commanded Eternal Feather to attack the crowd. It was then Maka Albarn and Soul Eater of the EAT Class interevene and battled each other. Shaula watched from among the crowd, remarking on how her venom has given her the ability to compete with a EAT Students and hold her own. After Eternal Feather had caused enough commotion Shaula commands her to kill herself by slitting her neck and escapes from the scene.[4][5]

Death FestEdit

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


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