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Shaula Gorgon
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Arachne(Older Sister) Medusa(Older Sister) Crona(Niece/Nephew)




Scorpion Magic, Curses, Hypnosis

Shaula Gorgon (シャウラ・ゴーゴン, Shaura Gōgon) is a Witch and the third Gorgon Sister, alongside Medusa and Arachne. Due to her youthful appearance, she is presumed to be the youngest of the siblings and in spite of her age, is the principal antagonist of the spin-off series Soul Eater Not!.


Shaula, unlike her sisters, demonstrates all the qualities of a typical teenage girl rather than those of a mature woman, leading to the assertion that she is the youngest amongst her two siblings. Her pale and unblemished complexion serves to accentuate her slender facial features, which are characterized by the unusual iris displayed by both of her eyes, a trait seemingly shared by all the members of her immediate family. Alluding to her scorpion theming, this distinctive feature takes the shape of two interlocking scorpion stingers, which together form one complete circle located at the center of each eye(which also looks like the yin yang to some viewers). Continuing with this motif, her floral patterned or headscarf covered hair is arranged into a long loose plait that ends in the shape of a scorpion's stinger, through the use of an appropriately tied bow, an aspect that is further mirrored by an ornamental earring dangling from her right ear.

Befitting her age, Shaula's typical attire consists of a long-sleeved sailor outfit that has been adopted by many Japanese schools as their standard uniform. However, unlike most variations, hers displays the symbol of the star sign "Scorpio" (♏) as a small emblem, located on the visible portion of her vest beneath her sailor collar. This collar has two stripes running across it, one that goes along its entirety and another that terminates partway across the front.[1]


Let me prove it to you that I am the most superior out of the Gorgons.

Shaula, Chapter 6, Soul Eater Not!

Shaula, like her older sibling Medusa, shares an interest in experimental research, driven instead by the singular intention of surpassing her elder sisters. This apparent inferiority complex has developed into a strong sense of ambition but at the cost of her becoming both boastful and conceited. Rather like Medusa, she remains composed even while being dismissive of her previous experiments, especially of those whom are not deemed useful any longer. She seems to be using these Traitors as prototypes to further the creation of a being capable of defeating the students of the DWMA, an objective which is strangely similar to those of her relations. She also seems to share Arachne's fondness of lavish and high-quality things, demonstrated by the various furnishings that adorn her initial office.[2]


Magic: As a Witch and Gorgon Sister, it can be inferred she is very competent in Magic. Although her magic type is largely unknown, She seems to be proficient in the use of Mind control and curses. She also has shown the ability to make a special stimulant in which makes those under her control. [3]

Curses: She is potent in cursing objects such as rings to put her victims under Mind Control.[4]

Soul Protect:She's shown the ability to use this, as she was in a Gathering of Death City residents and her soul wasn't sensed as a Witch Soul.[5]



Medusa and Arachne
Shaula does not appear to hold either of her sisters in high regard, instead observing them as simply rivals that must be surpassed in order for her to achieve her objectives. Despite her relative obscurity in comparison to her siblings infamy, she resolutely believes that she is the superior out of all the sisters, meaning that she looks down on both of them in spite of the fact that they are likely older and thus, far more experienced than her.[1]

Part in the Story

How To!

Shaula's Base
Shaula awaits her subordinates return
Blackstar1Added by Blackstar1

Seated within the confines of a spacious office, Shaula awaits the arrival of one of her subordinates, after the Traitor's previous brief engagement with Anya Hepburn. Noting the desired individual's return, she asserts that the collected data from her various experiments is gradually reaching fruition, before dismissing those before her as mere prototypes. Upon word from another assistant that preparations have been completed, Shaula proudly declares that she will now prove her superiority to the other Gorgon Sisters.[2]


Sometime later, Shibusen suspects her and begins their search for her. She is later seen at a public market place, disguised. She tricks Eternal Feather into wearing one of her scorpion rings which gives Shaula mental control over her.

After Eternal Feather had caused enough commotion Shaula commands her to kill herself by slitting her neck, which shocks all of her friends.


  • Whilst Medusa and Arachne's names are derived from Greek mythology, Shaula's name instead comes from both astronomy and astrology. The name "Shaula" is the traditional Arabic name for a star system called Lambda Scorpii, which is a part of the constellation of Scorpius. It roughly translates to "the raised [tail], as it is found in the tail of the scorpion (Scorpius)". Given the fact that Shaula's emblem is that of the symbol of the star sign, Scorpio (♏), and she has the theme of scorpion stingers in her appearance, her name befits these other allusions.
  • With the introduction of Shaula's scorpion theme to Medusa and Arachne's respective themes of snakes and spiders, the Gorgon Sisters complete the popularised trinity of venomous animals, found within many cultures.


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