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"I don't know what you gave her, but that meager attempt cannot overcome my brainwashing! Such shallow bonds! "Partners"? "Friends"? They're only tools to fill the emptiness within your hearts. "Souls"? "Resonance"? Dont make me laugh! This town is filled with hideous hypocrisy."

— Shaula Gorgon (Chapter 39, Soul Eater NOT!)[1]
Shaula Gorgon
Shaula Gorgon - (3) Shaula Gorgon as she appears in the Soul Eater NOT!
Name Shaula Gorgon
Romanji Shaura Gorugon
Katakana シャウラ ゴルゴン
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Race/Species Witch Soul Witch
Type of Soul
Magic Theme
Status Deceased
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Witch Order icon Witch Order (Formerly)
The Traitors (Formerly)
Place of Origin
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Family Gorgon Family
Relation(s) Arachne Gorgon (Elder Sister)
Medusa Gorgon (Elder Sister)
Crona (Niece/Nephew)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Ami Koshimizu (Japanese)
Elizabeth Maxwell (English)[2]
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 6 (NOT!)
Anime Debut(s) Episode 3 (NOT!)
Game Debut(s)

Shaula Gorgon (シャウラ ゴルゴン, Shaura Gorugon) was the youngest of the Gorgon Sisters as well as a Witch of the Witch Order that conspired to takedown the DWMA and Death City using The Traitors. However, she was killed by a combination of Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane during her invasion of Death City where she attracted the attention of all the Death Weapons, Death the Kid, and even Death himself.[3]


Shaula, like her older sibling Medusa, shares an interest in experimental research, driven by the singular interest in destroying the organization known as Shibusen[sourcing needed]. It is since she seemed to have developed into a strong sense of ambition but at the cost of her becoming both boastful and conceited. Rather like Medusa, she remains composed even while being dismissive of her previous experiments, especially of those whom are not deemed useful any longer. She seems to be using these Traitors as prototypes to further the creation of a being capable of defeating the students of Shibusen, an objective which is strangely similar to those of her relations. She also seems to share Arachne's fondness of lavish and high-quality things, demonstrated by the various furnishings that adorn her initial office.[4]

Shaula is a sinister individual, having immense hatred against those align with Shibusen. She holds no remorse in manipulating others with mind control to her own means and even seems to enjoy doing so. Rarely, has she been seen losing her composure much like her sisters. She's not above taking advantage of others much like her sisters. She's seems to have no regard for taking any sort of human life & takes joy in taking it. She finds the concept of friendship and compassion meaningless, looking at it as humans trying to fill a void in their heart. She even finds the concept of a Soul Resonance foolish and hypocrisy from Shibusen.[5]

She's somewhat flirtatious, as seen when she lifted Meme's skirt when possessing her as she spoke to Sid Barrett. She also has some sort of sense of humor, telling Akane with Meme's body to show her "some of his killer moves". She even refered to Sid as "Sid-sensei", which would be unusual for a witch to refer to a teacher as such when she would also call him by his name.[6]

However, unlike any of her sisters, she is motivated by what seems to be more of a personal reason. Though it is still unclear, she has mention several times that she is "lonely" due to the actions of Shibusen.[7] This may come from the fact that Witches are generally hunted by potential deathscythes for their souls & live with the constant danger that their lives may end for an individual to become a Deathscythe. She also mentions when her plans seem to work that she'll enjoy "being able to hunt for once".[8]


Main: Shaula Gorgon/Relationships


Shaula, unlike her sisters, demonstrates all the qualities of a typical teenage girl rather than those of a mature woman, leading to the assertion that she is the youngest amongst her two siblings. Her pale and unblemished complexion serves to accentuate her slender facial features, which are characterized by the unusual iris displayed by both of her eyes, a trait seemingly shared by all the members of her immediate family. Alluding to her scorpion theme, this distinctive feature takes the shape of two interlocking scorpion stingers, which together form one complete circle located at the center of each eye(which also looks like the yin yang to some viewers). Continuing with this motif, her floral patterned or headscarf covered hair is arranged into a long loose plait that ends in the shape of a scorpion's stinger, through the use of an appropriately tied bow, an aspect that is further mirrored by an ornamental earring dangling from her right ear.

Befitting her age, Shaula's typical attire consists of a long-sleeved sailor outfit that has been adopted by many Japanese schools as their standard uniform. However, unlike most variations, hers displays the symbol of the star sign "Scorpio" (♏) as a small emblem, located on the visible portion of her vest beneath her sailor collar. This collar has two stripes running across it, one that goes along its entirety and another that terminates partway across the front.[9]

Magic and Abilities


Scorpion Magic

Scorpion Sting Storm

Scorpion Sting Storm.

Much like her sisters, she is very competent in the use of Magic.  She is extremely proficient in the use of mind control and curses. She also has shown the ability to make a special stimulant in which makes those under her control with hypnotic suggestions.[10] In addition, those under her control seems to exhibit physical combat prowess. She is potent in cursing objects such as rings to put her victims under Mind Control.[10] She's able to use such abilities without going out of Soul Protect.Out of her Soul Protect, her magic enables her to enhance those under her control from the stimulant. She is also able to conjure magic symbols and fire stringer-shaped energy and magical push her opponents.[11]

  • Magic Stinger Shooter :Shaula has the ability to create many Scorpion-themed magic seals appear and shoot out blackish red magic energy.
    IMG 4081

    Magic Stinger Shooter

  • Stimulant Power Boost :After injecting her stimulant and gaining control of her vitims, she is able to boost their physical abilities with her magic.
  • Magic Push :Shaula is able to conjure a pink-hue magic seal and uses it to push her opponents.
  • Scorpion Scissors: With her hands in an "X" formation, Shaula creates 2 magical scorpion-tail and is able to presumably cut, though when used, it was to blow away her enemies. This attack is only present in the manga.
  • Scorpion Sting Storm: An offensive technique in which Shaula stabs her hair into the ground and creates a magical circle, creating various large scorpion stings to appear from the ground.

Common Witch Magic

Shaula is skilled in the usage of witch magic in which is quite common among the witches.

  • Soul Protect: Shaula is one of the individuals in Soul Eater who're able to perform the spell that neutralize her soul's wavelength, effectively camouflaging it and making it appear as if it were a normal human soul.


  • Shaula showcasing her skill compared to the trio.
  • Shaula and Akane engage in a fight.

Weapon Combatant

Shaula is a highly skilled combatant. Often employing the use of her hair as a weapon along with her skill in acrobatics and blocks. Shaula sports an unorthodox but effective fighting style. In the anime, She's been seen able to easily defeat Shiubsen's agents.[12] Both Anya and Meme individually while holding Tsugumi in her halberd form were unable to damage Shaula, as she used her hair and dodged their attacks towards her with ease.[13] In the manga, She manages to hold her own with not only the Trio but Akane☆Hoshi with the addition of him holding his weapon despite being outnumbered and nullified most of their attacks with blocks and dodges.[3]

  • Archery:Shaula on one occasion was shown to employ the use of a Bow and Arrow on Sid Barett in the anime.[14]
  • Chain Weaponry: Shaula has shown proficieny in using chain-like weaponry with her Venemous Spines to infect Shibusen soldiers with her poision. 

Martial Way

In the anime, It was later revealed  that Shaula's mind control capabilities could enable her to possess another's body. When she took control of Meme's own body, she was a capable combatant with Meme, using her great strength.[12] While it was generally believed that Meme's Sleeping Fist was the underlying result of her quirkiness, it was actually Shaula's skill in utilizing the Drunken Fist style while she was asleep and being possessed.[12]


It can be assumed that due to her nature of creating "prototypes" and her love for experimentation like Medusa, she's a highly intelligent individual. She is a capable tactician & strategist, able to discover Shibusen's attempts to capture her, outsmarting Sid's forces by using Meme's friends and even caused the death the Sid as a result.[12] She's also was able to even hide in Death City with the use of Soul Protect, despite the fact she would stand out due to her appearance.[15] She was also able to launch an attack on Death City effectively, giving the organization difficulty in tracking her down. She's also noted for the creation of her venom, in which not only makes the subject under her complete control, but grants them immense physical prowess.

  • Shaula's jewelry
  • Shaula selling jewelry, secretly housing her venom
  • Chemistry Expertise:She's also possess much proficiency in what seems to be chemistry due to the fact she uses various poisons to infect and control her enemies. Even Franken Stein couldn't develop an antidote to it.[13]
  • Craftmanship: She also seems to be great at craftsmanship. She was able to make jewelry and use such objects to curse others.[15] In addition to that, she seems very skilled in making specific scorpion-themed weaponry for the Traitors put under her mind control.

Athletic Conditioning

Shaula Blocks Akane's Soul Menace

Shaula blocks Akane's Soul Menace.

Shaula herself has shown excellent condition. She has been fast enough to dodge attacks from multiple opponents. In the anime, she was able to dodge attacks from both Meme and Anya wielding. Shaula has also been seen jumping at superhuman heights and landing gracefully.[12] In the manga, she's been able to dodge attacks from Meme and Anya weilding Tsugumi as well as Akane☆Hoshi wielding Clay Sizemore. Shaula is strong enough to endure blunt attacks from Meme Tatane,[16] who possess extraordinary strength. She is also able to dodge attacks frm Anya and even Akane's Soul Menace technique.[16]


  • Shaula Gorgon's Venom: A poison that contaminates the bloodstream by injecting a special, undisclosed poison that fastly causes one faint, reawakening to be under the order of it's creator, Shaula Gorgon.
  • Venomous Spines: In the manga, Shaula is able to use a chain-like weapon with a scorpion tail as a weapon to infect those with her venom.
  • Shaula's Hair: Shaula utilizes her hair as her weapon in a way similar to that of a stinger. It is powerful enough to even clash and block Demon Weapons.
  • Bow and Arrow: In the anime, Shaula has used a Bow and Arrow on one occasion.[17]


Despite being a powerful and able fighter, Shaula does suffers from some weaknesses. As a witch, she is susceptible to the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister due to the fact she performs magic. She is also susceptible to carriers of the Anti-Demon Wavelength.

As seen in the anime during her fight with the trio, she is prone to underestimating her opponents who she deems much less powerful then her. While she was able to outsmart the likes of Sid Barett and even succeed in ending his life, she underestimated the trio's ability in which sealed her demise.


How To!

Shaula discusses her plans with her Traitor

Shaula discuss her plans in dealing with Shibusen.

Seated within the confines of a spacious office hidden in Death City, Shaula awaits the arrival of one of her subordinates after the Prototype #2's previous brief engagement with Anya Hepburn. Noting the individual's return, she asserts that the amount of collected data from her various experiments is fair before dismissing those before her as mere prototypes. Upon word from another assistant that preparations have been completed, Shaula proudly declares that she will now prove why she is the most talented of the Gorgon Sisters.[18]

I'm Tight All Over!

One of Shaula's minions appears before her in a undisclosed location, alerting that some of Shibusen's agents have been sniffing around their present location in attempt to locate her whereabouts. Shaula reminds the Traitor that Shibusen and Witches are mortal enemies and that they must conceal their identities. However, she states firmly that it will only by temporary and that they will crush Shibusen.[19]


This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

Episode 7 (NOT!) - Shaula infects Eternal Feather

Shaula infects Eternal Feather.

Shaula is next seen setting up a accessories sale during the annual Death Bazaar as Tsugumi passes by Eternal Feather as she attempts to attract people to buy her clothes. Eternal Feather takes an interest in her various scorpion-themed accessories due to the fact she is a Scorpio herself and wants to be a mysterious woman with a poisionous charm. Shaula then makes a deal with Eternal Feather, giving her a ring and offering to try it on. As she puts the ring onto Eternal Feather's finger, she injects her with her mind controlling venom, chanting within her ear and sets her off to cause trouble in the Death Bazaar.[20]


She  commanded Eternal Feather to attack the crowd. It was then Maka Albarn and Soul Eater of the EAT Class interevene and battled each other. Shaula watched from among the crowd, remarking on how her venom has given her the ability to compete with a EAT Students and hold her own. After Eternal Feather had caused enough commotion Shaula commands her to kill herself by slitting her neck and escapes from the scene.[21]

Preparations! Arc

Chapter 36 (NOT!) - Shaula conveses with a Street Vendor.

Shaula converses with a street vendor

As the Death Fest closes in, Shaula is seen talking to a fellow human vendor about how this year, it seems that they're cracking on street vendors. He also admits it to being kinda cruel, as the days leading to the Death Festival are the best days for the tourist. When question if she agrees, Shaula states she does. As a students approaches Shaula, she asks If she may try one of her accessories. Shaula, coming to the conclusion the student is from Shibusen, allows her to try an accessories. Clay Sizemore then passes by as the student trys on the accessories, ironically remarking how "Everywhere you look, it's nothing but witches", as people are dressed up even though it isn't Halloween yet.[22]

Eternal Darkness

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


  • (To Tsugumi Harudori)) "You need two people to hold a stick without a blade? Don't make me laugh!!"[23]
  • (To Tsugumi Harudori) "Even the best useless without the skill and determination to strike down the enemy."[24]
  • (To the trio) "Can you sense it? My power is so far beyond yours , I could match any number of you. You will experience first hand why the witches are feared by all! I will not hold back...only destroy! You would have been happier as my faithful soldiers...NOW DIE."[25]
  • (To Akane☆Hoshi) "I don't need to "get away". From now on, Death City will be my palace."[26]


  • Whilst Medusa and Arachne's names are derived from Greek mythology, Shaula's name instead comes from both astronomy and astrology. The name "Shaula" is the traditional Arabic name for a star system called Lambda Scorpii, which is a part of the constellation of Scorpius. It roughly translates to "the raised [tail], as it is found in the tail of the scorpion (Scorpius)". Given the fact that Shaula's emblem is that of the symbol of the star sign, Scorpio (♏), and she has the theme of scorpion stingers in her appearance, her name befits these other allusions.


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