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Black☆Star (Anime - Episode 10) - (89)
Shadow Weapon Meister

Dark Arm Meister

A Shadow Weapon Meister (暗器職人, Anki Shokunin) is a Meister who is presumably skilled in the usage of traditional Japanese assassin weaponry.[1]


Weapon UsageEdit

A Shadow Weapon Meister may be skilled in a variety of Japanese weaponry including: a katana, chain scythe, smoke bomb, shurikens, and ninja sword.[1] Shadow Weapon Meisters are also normally skilled in the Art of Assassination[1], though it isn't necessarily a requirement.[2]

Art of AssassinationEdit

Main article: Art of Assassination Shadow Weapon Meisters may be skilled in employing the fighting style and assassin philosophy known as the "Art of Assassination", which has its own fighting style as well as rules to follow for effective assassination.[1]

List of Shadow Weapon MeistersEdit

Name Rank
Maka AlbarnSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star[3]
Black☆StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star[3]
DeathSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star


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