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Name Shadow☆Star
Technique Data
Type Soul Resonance
Class Physical
User(s) Black Star + Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 13

Shadow☆Star (影☆星, Kage☆Boshi) is one of the attacks used by Black Star and Tsubaki, while she is in her Uncanny Sword form.


Using Soul Resonance while Tsubaki is in the required mode, Tsubaki is able to manipulate and possess Black Star's shadow, in order to form it into a whip-like entity. This is subsequently used to repeatedly attack the enemy, with the intention of landing multiple crushing blows, that are also capable of slicing the opponent apart. However, through examination, the usage of this form of Shadow Star has the side effect of slowly killing Black Star, due to the nature of the form Tsubaki must assume.

After confronting the spirit, originating from the Uncanny Sword and currently residing within Tsubaki, and accepting the consequences that Black Star may face on his chosen path, he and Tsubaki are subsequently able to unlock the true resonance derived from this ability.


In addition to the tehcnique, it also possesses several forms, in which transfrom Tsubaki into more powerful versions of her forms.



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