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An ability used to quickly map out an area, linking together the vision of multiple individuals. This technique works by allowing its user -- namely Azusa Yumi -- to see far ahead of whoever she has telesynchronized. This technique can be used at long distances, but the greater the distance there is between Azusa and the individual she is synchronized with, the less she is able to see at their location.

Senrigan is an ability unique to Azusa Yumi; she is able to both calculate precise distances and detect the presence of surrounding Souls. The ability is so precise that Azusa can determine the age of the Soul's owner and assess how powerful they are. With these attributes, the Senrigan could easily be mistaken as a form of Soul Perception, a technique attributed only to meisters.

Thousand-Mile Eyes, as a telesychronization technique, also allows Azusa to have direct mutual communication between her soul and the souls of others through devices such as telephones and wireless radios.[1]

Senrigan's uses are extremely versatile; Azusa is capable of synchronizing with a great amount of people, meaning that by using this technique she can direct not only their actions but coordinate them with any other allies present within the perceived area. When used in conjunction with Azusa's advanced drawing and writing skills, Senringan allows her to rapidly construct detailed maps and notes upon anything observed by whomever she is currently synchronized with.

While the technique is in use, the appearance of Azusa's eyes drastically changes, featuring white diamond-shaped pupils and glowing blue irises.

Whether Azusa has always had this power or if it is a skill given to her by the witch used to turn her into a Death-Scythe as of yet is unclear.


  • Senrigan means "Clairvoyance" in English.
  • Senrigan may refer to the long-range capabilities of her weapon form, seeing how she can use it to see from a far distance.
  • Despite the English-language name "Thousand-Mile Eyes," Azusa estimated her vision extended to only a 50-meter (0.03-mile) radius during Sid Barett and Mira Naigus's infiltration of Arachnophobia's Morality Manipulation Machine facility.
  • Mira Naigus compliments Azusa Yumi's Thousand-Mile Eyes as one of many "Death's Weapons' special abilities."[1] This comment suggests but does not confirm that Azusa's ability owes in part to her status as a Death Scythe.


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