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Select Gremlins
Select Gremlin

The Select Gremlins (厳選されたグレムリン, Gensensareta Guremurin) are a demonic race of mischievous and mechanically oriented creatures that due to a series of circumstances that occurred prior to their first appearance came to reside permanently within the confines of the Book of Eibon, after Noah resolved to add them to his collection.


Despite the abundant quantity of Gremlins that comprise this group in the Salvage Arc, each individual is apparently indistinguishable from the others, containing no uniquely identifiable characteristics to aid in differentiating between them. This uniform appearance is defined by a physical form that consists only from a humanoid upper torso, with the lower limbs simply not present at all, and the additional inclusion of a rather large jet pack strapped to their backs, fabricated from two cylindrical containers. In regards to their facial features; their heads are devoid of any usual features, with the exceptions of a sharp-toothed mouth and pointed ears, the remainder replaced instead by a prominent letter 'G'. They also wield a small and simple hammer in their right hands, which they use during battle.


Kirikou Fighting Gremlins

The Select Gremlins confronting Kirikou

Salvage ArcEdit

During a heated confrontation against a determined and dangerous pairing of Black☆Star and Death the Kid, Noah unleashes a substantial quantity of these Select Goblins believing that by utilizing their attritional properties due to their large numbers, he could effectively overwhelm his present adversaries fierce resistance. However; these intended targets are quickly exchanged by Kirikou Rung and Blair instead, after the Gremlins came under attack by the respective abilities of these individuals, quickly destroying a small number of these creatures.


  • The characters of the Select Gremlins are in fact derived from the demons of the same name that often appear within actual English Folklore, were they are commonly depicted as mischievous and mechanically oriented fantastical creatures, with a specific interest in aircraft. Although their origins are also found in myths among airmen, claiming that the gremlins were responsible for sabotaging their aircraft.

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