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Maka Albarn (Anime - Episode 1) - (7)
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A Scythe-Meister (鎌職人, Kama Shokunin) is a type of Meister. As suggested by the name, they are skilled with Demon Weapons who transform into Scythes.


Scythe-Meisters are Meisters who are extremely skilled in wielding a scythe, a pole-arm like weapon sporting a long, arched blade. Some of the basic skills required to becoming a proficient scythe meister is having the ability to spin the scythe itself.[1] It also seems that Scythe-Meisters are also skilled in the usage of staff-like weapons.

Special TechniquesEdit

Main article: Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-MeisterPerhaps the most notable quality of a Scythe-Meister is the usage of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister.[2] These techniques are reputed able to kill a wide variety of evil individuals. Demons, practitioners of magic, and even Kishins are at risk when facing those who practise the hunt-slash series.

List of Scythe-MeistersEdit

Name Rank
DeathSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star[3]
Franken SteinSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Maka AlbarnSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star[4]
Maka's Mother*Soul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star[5]
Soul's admirerUnknown
Soul's proposerUnknown
Ao HoshinoNone

*Maka's mother no longer is in the DWMA.


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