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Screech Gamma (スクリーチ「γ (ガンマ)」, Sukurīchi "Ganma") is a Scream Resonance attack used by Crona and Ragnarok.


Ragnarok Screech Gamma Form

Ragnarok in his 'Screech Gamma' form

After the recent consumption of a substantial amount of innocent souls and the performance of a subsequent Scream Resonance, Ragnarok's weapon form changes. The blade of the sword grows in width, length, and depth, adopting a shape similar to those demonstrated in Crona's other "screech" attacks. It also gains the purple aura typical of these. The prominent mouth intergrated into the sword is capable of "biting" onto anything to cause even greater extents of damage.

With this technique, Crona can perform a multi-slashing attack that releases sound waves in rapid succession and is not only capable of affecting the opposing Meister but also inflicting direct damage to their Weapons as well. This can often negate most conventional forms of defense. Due to the rate at which this is conducted, the sword is deformed even further and can appear as if there are numerous blades being used at a single time.

This ability was initially demonstrated in Crona's second confrontation against Maka Albarn, in response to her Witch-Hunt.