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Screech Beta
Screech Beta

'Sukurīchi "Bēta"'






Crona with Ragnarok

Debut Data
Manga Debut

Chapter 4

Anime Debut

Episode 7

Screech Beta (スクリーチ「β (ベータ)」, Sukurīchi "Bēta") is an attack used by Crona and Ragnarok.


This attack is very similar in structure to Screech Alpha, as it also assumes the form of a mouth, but it is instead connected to Ragnarok's weapon form movements. The attack itself follows either an upwards or downwards slash, taking the form of a large mouth that follows the arc of the preceeding sword swing, vastly increasing the range of effect of the slash. The attack is dark black with a purple aura and outline. This was used by Crona against Maka Albarn in their first fight.

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