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Screech Alpha
Screech Alpha

'Sukurīchi "Arufa"'






Crona with Ragnarok

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Chapter 4

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Episode 7

Screech Alpha (スクリーチ「α (アルファ)」, Sukurīchi "Arufa")[1] is an attack used by Crona and Ragnarok.


This attack is very similar in structure to Screech Beta, as it also assumes the form of a mouth, but it is instead launched at the enemy as a projectile. It grinds through the floor, causing heavy destruction as it does so, while heading towards the enemy. It will explode at any time when it makes contact along its path. The majority of the attack features a black color surrounded by a purple aura. This attack was first demonstrated by Crona against Maka Albarn in their intial fight.



The attack itself is not confined solely to the ground but can also be launched as an aerial projectile. Under these conditions, the attack will try to "consume" the opponent using its mouth and encompassing as much of their body as possible before detonating.

Black Dragon Resonance

Black Dragon Screech Alpha

Screech Alpha's appearance under the influence of Black Dragon

When used with the Black Dragon resonance technique, its power is drastically increased, shown when it completely destroyed the large ship, Nidhogg, with just a single blow. In this circumstance, the attack doesn't employ its "mouth" to inflict damage but instead radically reduces its width, until the form is entirely flattened to create razor-sharp edges around its exterior.

Due to the force at which the ability is launched, it easily slices apart the intended target and anything else in its path, before erupting in an enormous upward and similarly shaped explosion.


  1. Soul Eater Manga: Chapter 11

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