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Meme Tatane - (6)
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The Scorpion Arm Blade is one of the various weapons employed to various Traitors and Meme Tatane from Shaula Gorgon's own hand in crafting.


The Scorpion Arm Blade is a weapon in which is worn on the arm and seems to be attached to the back and neck. Sported in a scorpion theme, it also houses a magical jewel in the front that receives magic from Shaula's Shaula's Magic when she performs the Magic Stimulant Boost, in which powers up an individual that has her venom inside their body.


As Tsugumi does he best to sway Meme Tatane from Shaula's control, the Scorpion Arm Blade is the weapon she stabs her with. She then sings her a song and snaps Meme out of Shaula's control.[1]


  1. Soul Eater NOT! Anime: Episode 12

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