Technique Data
English Title Schmidt
Alternate Title(s)
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 94
Anime Debut
If they insist on brawling about all over Kishin-sama's peaceful resting place, then I'll give them a reason to thrash about to their heart's content...

Justin Law, Chapter 94

Schmidt is a wide-range offensive technique used by Justin Law whilst in his Madness Fusion form, after having conducted a prior merger with a Clown.

By thrusting both of his transformed forearms into the ground, Justin is able to fabricate a considerable quantity of angular stakes, which are then made to erupt violently upwards from beneath the earth at various predetermined locations. Although the adornments of these stakes seemingly differ from post to post, they are in actuality paired to one another, with two together forming a frame of sorts. This allows a sharp guillotine-like blade to rapidly manifest, suspended between any of the twinned peaks that then falls with a tremendous amount of force, viciously bisecting any victim that is unfortunate enough to be caught between any of the innumerable posts.

Schmidt Blades

Innumerable posts erupt from beneath the ground before their blades are shot viciously downwards

Whilst his arms remain submerged beneath the ground, Justin can apparently produce a near limitless quantity of the required posts and thus, a similarly infinite amount of blades. When this is combined with the incredible speed at which the technique can be performed, only a few exceptional individuals are capable of avoiding injury entirely, such as those using Marie Mjolnir's Lightning Rope.[1]


  • The name of this technique is a reference to Tobias Schmidt, the designer attributed with creating the particular type of guillotine that was used at the height of the French Revolution.


  1. Soul Eater Chapter 94, pages 9-12

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