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Sarcophagus (石棺 Sekikan in Japanese, literally meaning 'stone coffin') is a town that only appears in the anime, and contains the last Demon Tool ever made by Eibon, the Key. An eerie ghost town that is sealed off, it is said that anyone who goes into the town never comes back.


Those foolish humans. They dug up this ruin twenty years ago, and discovered the Tool. They weren't qualified to wield it either. So I ate them. I ate them all. They were delicious...

Mechanical Clowns, Episode 43

Many years prior to the series, after Eibon created Brew with Arachne, he realized just how much destruction the Demon Tool could cause. In order to make sure Brew could not work without his own permission, he sealed his own soul into his last Demon Tool, the Key. He sealed away the Key in an underground shrine, and made two guardians to guard over it in case someone tried to take it, the Clowns.

Unfortunately, some time after this shrine was built, humans came and built a town directly above it. Soon, twenty years prior to the series, they discovered the shrine in their town, and awakened the Clowns within it. Abiding by their programming to kill anyone who was not worthy of using Brew, the Clowns attacked the town and killed all of its citizens. People sent in to investigate the incident also disappeared as well. The town was sealed off because of this, leaving the Clowns wandering the town in search of intruders.


One can see Sarcophagus clearly from a distance due to the large thick stone wall that surrounds it, giving the town its name. Some graffiti can be seen at the bottom of the wall. There is a single entrance to it.

In the past, Sarcophagus was a normal town with a normal name. Flashbacks show that it was very populous and busy, full of people, shops and a fairground with a large ferris wheel. Now, however, thanks to the Clowns' devastation on the town, the buildings are all in ruin and overgrown with moss. The ferris wheel still stands, a bare rusted skeleton of what is used to be.

Within the town is a large dug-up area which leads to the shrine holding the Key. The entrance looks like a small church tower. Inside, a long flight of steps lead one to a large circus ring, in which the Key is stuck on a large ball. The circus theme matches the Clowns rather well. The ring even has spotlights.

Sarcophagus resembles the town of Pripyat, Ukraine, which absorbed the direct fallout of the Chernobyl disaster.

Soul Eater

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc

In order to activate Brew, Shinigami realizes that they need the Key, and thus sends a reluctant Death the Kid (who is suspicious of his father's actions) with his partners, Liz and Patty to Sarcophagus. Going on the fact that no human had ever returned alive from the town, Kid assumes that it could be a monster, a virus or a chemical weapon, in which case his Shinigami biological makeup would probably make him immune to it. He goes in alone, and tells Liz and Patty to wait for him, as he does not want to endanger his partners.

Inside the town, Kid discovers the shrine, and the Key, and is confronted by the Clowns. Although he manages to flee the shrine, Kid starts having difficulties when the Clowns trick him in letting his guard down by assuming symmetrical poses, before attacking him. Just before it seems Kid might be finished by the Clowns, Liz and Patty go in to help him. Thanks to them, Kid manages to lure both Clowns onto the ferris wheel, before finishing them off symmetrically with a Death Cannon. As he leaves, one of the damaged Clowns relays a recorded message to him from Eibon, warning him about the Demon Tools.

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