Soul Eater Episode 2 HD - Mifune arms himself

Mifune, a Samurai.

A Samurai () is a warrior characterized by the usage of a sword (particularly the Katana) and a code of honor.[1] Not much is known on what a samurai really is in the Soul Eater universe. However, the samurai seems to be the antithesis of the Ninja. They're also one of the few type of individuals that adopt the philosophy of the Path Of The Warrior (often called the Path of the Sword) and the Path Of The Demon.

Mifune is known as a legendary samurai and earned the nickname "Sword God".[2] He's the only known named samurai. However, it seems Arachnophobia has an entire division filled with samurais, the number count being roughly three hundred members.[3]

Samurais in Soul Eater


  • It seems that among the samurai, a samurai not of japanese descent is looked down upon.[3]


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