Template:Technique (Ver. - 2.0)Royal Joust is a technique that Anya Hepburn uses during her baseball game against Tsugumi Harudori in Chapter 27 in the manga Soul Eater NOT! and Episode 9 in the anime.


Inexperienced with baseball during Tsugumi Harudori's attempt to teach her and Meme Tatane the popular global sport, Anya Hepburn resorts to techniques with which she is more familiar from her martial arts practice and likely related experiences in Classical Fencing and actual jousting.

  • Royal Joust connects
  • Anya's strike thrusts the ball
Rather than swinging the bat as in usual baseball play, Anya grips the bat at its handle with both hands, holding the bat perfectly horizontal to the ground. Anya then thrusts the bat forward and, thanks to her careful attention to the baseball to predict its location, hits the ball directly at its center with the top of the bat's barrel. The force of that thrust propels the ball almost horizontal along the ground, sailing past Tsugumi's head but caught at the last minute as Meme in the outfield dives to catch the ball.


  • The story in which Anya first shows this technique has considerable foreshadowing that she would use such a move more closely associated with medieval practices: when Anya holds up the baseball bat vertically with one hand and wears a baseball mitt on the other hand, Tsugumi claims that Anya resembles a knight in shining armor.

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