Reverse Rotation
Reverse Rotation
Technique Data
English Title Reverse Rotation
Romaji Gyakukaiten
Katakana 逆回転
Alternate Title(s)
Type Melee,
Derived Magic
Class Supplementary
Real World Data
Manga Debut 26
Anime Debut 27

Reverse Rotation (逆回転, Gyakukaiten) is a supplementary technique, used by Giriko.

Through a simple verbal command, Giriko is able to instantaneously reverse the direction in which the saw chain portion of his demon weapon form rotates. Doing so, in conjunction with his Saw Foot in particular, allows him to abruptly alter the direction of his subsequent movement. This not only assists in situations where it's imperative that Giriko avoids an opponent's attack, but also adds a degree of unpredictability to his own, further enhancing their already potent lethality.

This was aptly demonstrated during his first encounter with the death scythe Justin Law, where after his initial downwards kick was blocked, he resorted to reversing the direction of his chain, which had been previously rotated so as to increase the inflicted damage. The resulting sudden upwards acceleration, brought his other leg rapidly rising towards his target's vulnerable neck, as the respective foot had already dropped beneath Justin's guard. Only the well trained reactions of the death scythe, prevented injury on this particular occasion but even so, the margin for error was almost non-existent. Given its intended destination, if the attack had connected, it would have surely proven fatal.[1]


  1. Soul Eater Chapter 26, pages 20-21

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