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The Remedial Lessons Arc is the second story arc in the Soul Eater series. Having failed in acquiring and keeping a single soul, Death orders the team of Maka Albarn and Soul Eater along with Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa to take a remedial class, with the threat of expulsion. Maka's team is sent to investigate the mysterious resurrection of the former DWMA Instructor, Sid Barrett. Later, Death the Kid attempts to complete his first day of school at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.


Part 1Edit

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Maka, Soul Eater, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki are called into the Death Room, where Death reminds them that they have all have gained a total of zero souls. Therefore, Death assigns Maka's team supplementary lessons--and if they fail, they will be expelled from the DWMA.

Maka and her classmates are assigned to defeat Sid Barrett, formerly a teacher at the DWMA and now newly resurrected as a zombie. They are also assigned to locate the mad scientist who turned Sid into a zombie. Maka's team locates Sid at the Hook Cemetery and engage him in battle. Despite being more skilled and experienced, Sid is ultimately restrained by the combined efforts of Maka's team. After questioning Sid, they learn the location of the mad scientist who made him into a zombie: Patchwork Lab.

Meanwhile, in the Death Room, Death, his son Death the Kid, and his weapons Liz and Patty Thompson watch the fight against Sid. Death explains that the mad scientist who made Sid into a zombie is Dr. Franken Stein, the first meister of Maka's father Spirit Albarn and the strongest meister to graduate from the DWMA. Kid worries that, against such a powerful meister, Maka's team will die.

Part 2Edit

Main article: Chapter 2Stein exits Patchwork Lab to approach Maka's team. Despite Black☆Star's Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave, Maka's team comes to realize that they are not strong enough against Stein, who proceeds to seem to kill Black☆Star with Soul Menace.

Watching this fight from the Death Room with his father, and frustrated that Maka and her teammate will die against Stein, Kid departs to try to help--but is stopped by his obsession with whether he made the toilet paper at his house symmetrical.

Meanwhile, Maka finally manages to perform Witch-Hunt in an attempt to defeat Stein, only for the scientist to destroy her attack. Before Stein can kill Maka, Soul reverts to human form, trying to shield her against his attack. Impressed, Stein pats Soul on the head and gives all the students a passing grade--revealing that he was administering this extracurricular assignment on behalf of Death, all a ruse for the students to learn how to be become stronger. After revealing that his attack on Black☆Star was non-lethal, he welcomes the students to stay overnight--and the students all refuse.

The next day, Maka and her classmates are surprised to find Stein has replaced Sid as their teacher.

New Student and Soul ObservationEdit

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Inside Sten's class with Maka, Tsubaki is worried that Black☆Star has left her to partner with Soul as his new weapon partner.

Meanwhile, after witnessing Stein's fight against Maka and her classmates, Kid has enrolled in the DWMA--arriving three hours late for his first day of classes. Kid is confronted at the Academy's entrance by Black☆Star, along with Soul, who intends to assassinate Kid because the shinigami has become more popular than him. After Black☆Star inadvertently destroys the symmetry to the Academy's spires, Kid accepts the duel against both Black☆Star and Soul.

Hearing the duel begin, Maka alerts Stein that duels on campus require a staff member to referee. Stein brings Maka and Tsubaki with him, asking Maka whether she notices something interesting about Kid's Soul Resonance with Liz and Patty. Maka finds the souls are perfectly synced, despite this being difficult for someone who possesses two weapons. She then compares it to that of Soul and Black☆Star, whose resonance is so out of sync that Soul is too heavy for Black☆Star to lift, and Black☆Star's wavelength causes Soul to bleed. While Soul and Black☆Star end their partnership, while still remaining friends, they intend to finish this duel against Kid. However, with the power of his Death Cannon, Kid fires a shot that explodes at Soul and Black☆Star, knocking them to the ground.

Kid seems to have won the duel--until he starts bleeding. Maka realizes that, in their duel, Soul managed to slice a bit of Kid's hair, making him slightly asymmetrical and causing him to pass out. As Maka and Tsubaki renew their partnerships with Soul and Black☆Star, Death arrives to check on Kid on his first day. Finding him unconscious, he prepares to bring Kid home. Before he leaves, Maka tries to perceive Death's soul--but she sees nothing. As Death departs, what Maka does not realize is that Death's Soul Wavelength is so large that it encompasses all of Death City.