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English name::Razorhead
Kanji name::レイザーヘッド
Romaji name::Rezāheddo

Gender Male
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Classification Human
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Razorhead (レイザーヘッド, Rezāheddo) is a butcher in Death City. He's the rival of the Fish Dealer and is a fan of Blair.


Razorhead hangs someone

Razorhead hangs someone.

Razorhead is proud of his meat and he isn't afraid of insulting the Fish Dealer. He has the habit to hang people who insult his food or make him angry. He has the habit of misunderstanding people; for example, a woman who wanted to buy his food, but ended up being hanged by him.


Razorhead is an overweight man with a round head and round eyes. He wears a black apron and a white shirt. His head seems to be stitched up.

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