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Chapter 91 - Rainbow Axe
Weapon Form Data
English Title Rainbow Axe
Romaji Niji no Ono
Katakana 虹の斧
Alternate Title(s)
User(s) Alexandre
Human Form Dengu Dinga
Classification(s) Death Scythe
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 91
Anime Debut

The Rainbow Axe (虹の斧, Niji no Ono) is the Demon Weapon transformation of the Death Scythe, Dengu Dinga.


The Rainbow Axe appears in the form of a robust hatchet or small battle axe that is intended to be wielded with just a single hand. Unusually, the bladed portion of this weapon is constructed from four distinct sections, which are set adjacent to one another along the shaft, and features no cutting edge, as the blade itself is square in shape. Affixed to the bottom of the shaft is an ornate guard, which is reminiscent of the tribal bangles that encircle both Dengu's neck and abdomen.[1]


The Rainbow Axe has the ability to allow its Meister to bend light itself[1] and utilize rainbows offensively, which act in a cutting-like fashion, true to the nature of an axe.[2]


  • A rainbow is not perceived as a positive symbol in most traditional African nations but instead as one that is both malignant and dangerous. Many myths from these nations portray rainbows as vicious and enormous snakes, which consume both animals and humans alike.


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