In the beginning of the manga and throughout the anime', Raid is a bully, treating people as a means to an end, whether to bolster his confidence, to make his life easier, or to impress girls. After being humbled by his defeat against Anya Hepburn, however, Raid becomes more polite and more adamant to improve as a weapon.


Soul Eater NOT Chapter 30 - Raid and Hao's new look

Hao encourages Raid

As new NOT students at the DWMA, Raid and Hao seem to have an instant rapport, perhaps due to their initial antagonistic behavior towards other students and opportunistic desire to attract girls based on appearance rather than the merits of their characters. However, the two also seem to have a friendship based around similar personalities and a drive to improve as meister and weapon, especially after Anya Hepburn defeated the two and taught them how to be better persons. Hao's understanding of Raid allows him to initiate an imperfect form of Soul Resonance, and even when Raid's lower jaw is transformed as a weapon preventing him from speaking intelligibly, Hao is so familiar with Raid that he can understand the weapon's mumbled speech.

Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane

Raid and Hao both bully Tsugumi and Meme on their first day of classes, as Raid attempts to flirt with Meme to entice her to be his meister. When Tsugumi intervenes and Meme shows no interest involving herself with Raid, Raid reacts violently, threatening the two in a duel. Initially an opportunistic, violent young man confronting these two female students, Anya's victory with Tsugumi against Raid makes him more humble and polite. While Meme has little interaction with Raid after the duel, Tsugumi is impressed how much more driven Raid is to improve as a weapon with Hao.

Anya Hepburn

Soul Eater NOT Chapter 33 - Anya shocks Hao and Raid

Raid and Hao seek Anya's advice

Initially rude and violent towards Anya, following his defeat to her, Raid comes to admire her as "Anya-sama," turning to her for advice how to impress girls through the merit of his character rather than his fashion sense. Raid and Hao follow Anya to observe Ox Ford as an example to be a DWMA student and to appeal to girls, and Raid behaves more politely in front of Anya when she gently mocks him and Hao to see whether they have improved since their duel the first day of class.


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