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The Demon Sword, Ragnarok (ラグナロク, Ragunaroku), is Crona's weapon partner. Ragnarok is the first inhuman weapon introduced in Soul Eater. Ragnarok has taken to absorbing any soul, evil or not. By taking innocent souls, Ragnarok lost what little sanity he had and his soul wavelength had grown out of control and vastly overpowers Crona's own wavelength, which could potentially eventually lead to Ragnarok devouring Crona's soul. Fortunately, his soul wavelength was evened out when Maka cleansed Ragnarok's soul.


Little Ragnarok

A shrunken Ragnarok.

Ragnarok stretches out of Crona's back, as he is physically merged with Crona's blood. Ragnarok has a very muscular body, large gloved hands, and spikes on several parts of his body, but no legs. His face consists of a large egg shape, with no visible mouth and a giant white X on his face where his nose should be, with large ping-pong ball-like eyes with Xs for pupils. As the series progressed, Ragnarok becomes even more muscular and larger, showing his continuation to eat innocent souls.

However, after Death confiscates the souls he has eaten (cleansed by Maka in the anime), his size shrinks considerably. In this chibi form, he looks similar, but his hands are circles and his muscles are less defined.

After Crona returns to Medusa's side and disappears for quite some time, Ragnarok grows once again, but still not eating as many souls as before, he appears taller, with a lean, slim body.

Ragnarok's soul is red and has the giant 'X' that is present on the center of his face. After the absorption of a vast amount of innocent souls, resulting in his Black Dragon form, where two thin wings are extended outwards from the top of his soul.



Ragnarok's soul under the influence of Medusa

I hardened the blood around your wound to stop the bleeding, do I get a "thank you"? [Yeah, thank you.] "Thank you very much"! ARE YOU GONNA MAKE ME HURT YOU?!


In great contrast to his meister's meek and mild manner of speech and submissive personality, Ragnarok is loud-mouthed, rude and confident. He believes he and his meister are capable of overcoming any opponent, regardless of how good or bad they actually are at fighting. He is also very violent and easily angered, especially around Maka. Ragnarok has also displayed a habit of calling other people names, such as when he calls Maka a cow and an idiot, and Dr Stein a "screwhead".

Ragnarok loves to degrade and pester Crona (even during fights) by giving Crona noogies, pinching Crona's nose, hitting Crona on the head, or taking Crona's food. When he/she finally tells Ragnarok to stop, Ragnarok seems surprised at Crona's reaction, hinting that this is not meant in a malicious way.

He is slightly perverted, since when Crona finally stood up to him he acted like an understanding guy while at the same time pulling up Crona's dress. He also flipped Maka's skirt, but then commented that Maka doesn't have anything to look at under there.

He tends to use Crona as a human shield against non-deadly attacks, such as the Maka Chop. He does worry about Crona's health and will try to help him/her by stopping his/her bleeding wounds. However, Ragnarok will always ask for thanks afterwards. He also gives him constant vocal motivation during battles, whether they be instructions, compliments or threats.

Even after Crona becomes part of Shibusen, he still desires to eat any soul but this is hindered by Crona, who claims they are not doing that anymore. His taste for normal food seems to have substituted his desire to eat souls, having a ravenous appetite.

He is often implied to be insane, presumably caused by him eating so many innocent souls. Though his soul wavelength was evened out after these souls were confiscated, his mental state remained the same. However, it is worth noting that he was under the influence of Medusa throughout early encounters, and some of his blood-lust has apparently been laid off. It is also implied, at certain moments, that Ragnarok is afraid of her, as he refers to her as Lady Medusa, and in the anime, he hesitates before he and Crona fight with her.

Ragnarok has only expressed heroic intent once while fighting the Oldest Golem. Although driven by a bribe from Maka claiming that she would give him as much candy as he pleases, he still shows a distant change in personality when he begins to fight the Golem. He even seems a bit friendlier to Crona by motivating and listening to Crona's commands. Ragnarok's most heroic quote from this fight occurs when he motivates Crona to engage in battle with Arachne saying; "Get her Crona! Kill the witch!"

This kindness is also shown in the anime when Crona has saved Maka from Medusa. He emerges from the black blood and says how it's all because of her that they are dying, but adds "But at least you're here with stupid Crona at the end."



Crona and Ragnarok (in chibi form)

Crona's weapon, as well as part of his/her blood. When Crona was a child, Medusa melted down Ragnarok, at that time a regular weapon, and combined him with black blood. She then injected this mixture into Crona's own blood, creating an unwilling symbiosis and permanently fusing Crona with Ragnarok.
Ragnarok is a playful character, and acts like an annoying older brother to Crona. He often gives the meister noogies, steals his/her food, plays with his/her nose, and even lifted up Crona's robe at one point, almost exposing the underwear. Whenever Ragnarok is angry with his meister, he will not hesitate to pop out of him/her and begin attacking Crona in an annoying, playful, but slightly violent way. He also uses Crona as a human shield at times, notably only for non-lethal attacks, like Maka Chop.
However, despite his teasing, Ragnarok does seem to care about Crona. He heals Crona whenever needed (although always pestering for a "thank you very much" afterwards) and provides constant vocal motivation during battle. Ragnarok realizes that if Crona dies, he will die too, ultimately driving him to protect his meister as much as possible.
Maka Albarn
Ragnarok does not seem to like Maka Albarn, frequently referring to her, as he does many girls and women, a cow. Ragnarok blames Maka for convincing Crona to stop eating pure souls, an activity that he thoroughly enjoyed. Maka is also partially responsible when his size decreased; in the manga, Maka's victory in their duel led to Crona being held by the DWMA so Death could remove all of his souls, shrinking him. In the anime, Maka's own Anti-Magic Wavelength shrinks him. Ragnarok's dislike of Maka also may be because she convinced Crona to go against Medusa, whom Ragnarok fears.
Despite all of his dislike for Maka, however, Ragnarok does save her from the Oldest Golem, only after she claims that she will give him fifteen pieces of candy. Ragnarok even compliments Maka as knowing how to haggle, although he takes some pride that he was able to negotiate her to a much higher number of pieces of candy than the three he would have been willing to accept.[1]
In subsequent chapters, Crona forgets who Maka is. Whether Ragnarok forgets Maka as well is unclear, although not only does Ragnarok cease to refer to Maka in later chapters, but after a certain point in the manga, Ragnarok no longer speaks.
In the anime, Ragnarok also blamed Maka when Crona acted as a shield to protect Maka from Medusa's Vector Arrow, stabbing Crona and therefore almost killing him along with Crona. As Ragnarok dissolves into Black Blood from Crona's wound, he chastises Maka's kindness towards Crona as weakening his meister's resolve, leading to Crona's willingness to sacrifice life for Maka as well as Ragnarok's own life. However, as Ragnarok felt like he was dying, he took solace that at least Crona would be around someone like Maka who had legitimate love and concern for his meister. Regardless of this outrage that Ragnarok expressed upon his near-death, after the defeat of Asura and Crona's recovery, Ragnarok is seen with Crona in Maka and Soul's apartment, presumably with Crona and thus living there as well.
She is the one who melted him down and put him inside Crona. Because he therefore suffers the same abuse and torture as Crona, Ragnarok fears Medusa. Nevertheless, he has expressed interest to see what kind of chaos Medusa can spread, as when he observed Medusa, possessing the body of Rachel Boyd, asked Crona to help her infiltrate the DWMA.
The Black Clown
The Black Clown, Crona, and Ragnarok share a odd symbiosis with each other. The Black Clown and Ragnarok are both made of black blood, so they can fuse together to make four arms for Crona and three exact copies of Ragnarok. When merged with Crona, attributes of both of their souls are mixed with Crona's: the Black Clown's head and grin appear on Crona's soul, alongside the X across Ragnarok's face, his bulging eyes, and his large teeth.
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Ragnarok says that he does not like Tsubaki's personality, but he does say that he likes her cooking so much that he says that Crona should get a weapon like her. In the anime, Ragnarok's criticism of Tsubaki extends to her appearance, much to her anger, yet Tsubaki herself looks pleased as she feeds candy to Ragnarok.


  • Crona and Ragnarok performing Scream Resonance
  • Even shrunken, Ragnarok is strong
Demon Sword: In his large weapon form, Ragnarok takes the form of a large black Scandinavian broadsword with a grey hilt, a white stripe down the middle and spikes around the guard which resemble those on Ragnarok's ordinary body. When using Scream Resonance, Ragnarok manifests a mouth on the blade just above the guard. When his soul is cleansed, his form shrinks to that of a longsword (or rapier) but retains many of its old features, except that Ragnarok's seldom seen mouth now permanently stands above the guard.
Black Blood: As he is a part of Crona's blood, Ragnarok can control it and shape it in accordance with his soul wavelength. He can use it to bend spikes of blood from droplets, develop missiles and perhaps most impressively, harden the blood to protect his meister from harm, whether by clotting an open wound or simply increasing his/her stamina. However, it has been shown (though only in the anime) that if his and Crona's soul wavelengths are destabilized, his ability to control it is stopped.
Black Dragon: An alternative form of Ragnarok's which can be used after conducting a Scream Resonance with Crona and consuming a large amount of souls. Ragnarok's physical form changes dramatically, becoming more streamlined and serpentine in shape, with the spikes on his back heightened, his arms replaced by two massive wings and his head lengthened out, his mouth now appearing and his eyes on either side of his head. Ragnarok's normal weapon form is replaced by that of a greatsword (or berserker sword) with all its old features, and his wings extend from Crona's back instead, albeit much more ragged. This form allows them to fly, and also greatly enhances all of Crona's attacks.
Mad Blood: After returning to work for Medusa and eating many souls both innocent and evil not to mention Crona's decent even deeper into madness than he already was, Crona's and Ragnarok's Black Blood had evolved into Mad Blood, a much more powerful strain of Black Blood. It allows Crona to flood entire cities with black blood, unlike its predeccessor. Mad Blood can harden to protect Crona and Ragnarok but, unlike the Black Blood, if anyone tries to break the hardened form, they will go insane, making it much harder to break with brute force. Its main attack utilization is the creation of spheres made of Mad Blood to trap enemies.
Strength: Even after shrunken (in the manga, by having his souls removed by Death; in the anime, from Maka Albarn's Anti-Madness Wavelength), Ragnarok remains a formidable opponent, capable of performing acts of strength separate from Crona's own limbs. For example, when facing the Oldest Golem wielding Giriko in his chainsaw form, Ragnarok was able to hold back the entire chainsaw with just one hand.[1]


  • Ragnarok possesses a variety of references to Viking lore, which are attributed to him throughout the series: his name, which comes from the Ragnarök series of events within Norse mythology and the similarities in personality between him and Loki, the Norse god of mischief.
    • Given his status as a Demon Sword, Crona's supposed need to become a world-destroying Kishin and Medusa's stance on evolution, this name is appropriate; the Ragnarök events dictate the end of the world and the emergence of a new and better one afterwards. However, this might mean Ragnarok is not his real name, and rather one given to him by Medusa.
    • Loki had the ability to change into animals, led a rebellion against the other Norse gods and even created three monsters out of his own blood. Ragnarok, while not exactly alike, does possess the power to transform, seems to constantly rebel against his superiors and can control his and Crona's blood in various ways.
    • Also, as mentioned earlier, he takes on the appearence of a Scandinavian broadsword, and the Vikings came from the Scandinavian region.
  • Ragnarok also has a habit of saying 'gupi' every now and again in his speech. He seems to laugh in similar fashion as well.
  • Another peculiarity of his is his battle cry: "Peee-Yooww!!!" which he uses almost, if not as much as "Gupi."
  • In the series finale of the anime Final Episode. The Word Is Bravery!, it is revealed in the closing credits that Ragnarok was also brought back to life when Professor Franken Stein was able to save Crona from dying.


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