Technique Data
English Title Purification
Romaji Jōka
Katakana 浄化
Alternate Title(s)
Derived ability
User(s) Tsar Pushka + Feodor
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 83
Anime Debut

Purification (浄化, Jōka) is an attack utilized by Feodor with the combined usage of Tsar Pushka's Demon Cannon form and Anti-Demon Wavelength.[1]


Purification combines the Meister's physical prowess (such as Feodor) as well as the Anti-Demon Wavelength of the Demon Weapon (like Tsar), the attack "purifying" malicious forces such as Black Blood. This attack has been commented by Medusa Gorgon to be achieved via "perfection through unity".[2]


  1. Soul Eater Manga: Chapter 83
  2. Soul Eater Volume 20; Chapter 83, page 50

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