Puppet Strike
Shadow Puppet - (10)
Technique Data
English Title Puppet Strike
Alternate Title(s)
Type Shadow
Derived Magic
User(s) Masamune Nakatsukasa
Ryōku (Possessed)
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Real World Data
Manga Debut 7
Anime Debut 10

Puppet Strike (人形ストライク, Ningyō Sutoraiku) is a Shadow technique derived from  Puppet ShadowRyōku while still under Masamune's influence, is the only one seen using this technique.


The appearance of the techniques is mostly the same as it's predecessor except, the shadow fuses itself onto the blade causing it to turn pitch black and when activiated, the shadow attaches to the hilt of the weapon and becomes a beam or a slender blade of dark energy.


Puppet Thrust - (4)

The stretching blade of the Puppet Thrust maneuver.

By folding the shadow created by the Puppet Shadow technique onto the blade of his weapon form, Masamune can create a far reaching and highly damaging thrust. The ability more specifically wraps the shadow's "arms" aroud the blade initially, creating a distinctive zigzag pattern. When this is complete the user proceeds to execute a sharp and sudden lunge, resulting in the shadow rapidly extending down and past both of the sword's edges, before combining to form a swiftly growing hardened blade. At full length, this shadow extension can reach several meters beyond the actual sword tip, while still retaining the power of the original thrust.

To achieve such a powerful lunge, the user must asume sideways stance, that can indicate to the opponent the very nature of the ability before it is even conducted. This can give an ample opportunity for the enemy to prepare themselves for the attack, which due to its relative small and narrow contact area, can completely negate any potential to inflict damage. However, this can be easily compensated for through the subsequent use of the technique, Split Branches.


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