Puppet Shadow
Shadow Puppet - (3)
Technique Data
English Title Shadow Puppet
Alternate Title(s)
Type Shadow
Derived Magic
User(s) Masamune Nakatsukasa
Ryōku (Possessed)
Class Supplementary
Real World Data
Manga Debut 7
Anime Debut 10

Shadow Puppet (シャドー人形, Shadō ningyō) is a prominent Shadow technique used in Masamune's moveset and was also used by Ryōku of Shin Village under Masamune's influence.


Shadow Puppet or Puppets are large and slender figures who are colored pitch black that are attached to it's user's shadow. They have long, sharp claws that form into pikes from it's three finger like protrusions. In general, the Shadow Puppets resemble stick figures.


The user uses attacks by adding a personifiction to his/her shadow, turing it into a humaniod being. At their will, the practitioner can increase the length of their shadow to strike their oppenent from far away are the user can increased the amount of shadow puppets to hold or grapple it's master's enemy. Through the Demon Blade, the Shadow Puppet can transform itself into a beam of darkness called Puppet Thrust.


The term 'Shadow Puppet' is coined from the real world art of storytelling, Shadow Play or "Shadow Puppetry", a common art with a long history in Southeast Asia which was created for enjoyment of children and adults of all ages.



  • The Shadow Puppets can talk but, they mostly just yell.
  • Shadow Puppets are based upon 'shadow play', the art of shadow puppetry.

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