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Eureka destroying Medusa's lab

Eruka Frog, in the anime, destroying Medusa's lab with Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus within it, to which she responded she was glad to be a born a witch due to her love of causing destruction.

The Pull of Magic is a trait which most Witches have due to the fact they manipulate magic. This makes Witches prone to causing more destruction with the use of their magic and enjoying it.

This trait is well known within the Witch community in the Witch's Realm. It's shown to be enough for Witches to consider kicking out any individual who doesn't possess a destructive drive, such as Kim Diehl, who is spared from the pull due to her regeneration magic.

This trait often clashes with the shinigami ideal of balance.

It seems the older a Witch gets, the stronger the pull, as Kim explained it while pleading for Death to allow them to help Angela Leon, which he agreed to.[1]


  • It is unknown how witches were able to create and sustain their own society, in contrary to this trait.


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