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Soul Eater NOT Episode 9 - Deathbucks
Preparations! Arc
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Chapter 35 (NOT!) - Chapter 37 (NOT!)


Episode 10 (NOT!)

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Death Fest Arc

The Preparations Arc is the fifth story arc of the series Soul Eater NOT! As Death City prepares for both Halloween and the upcoming EAT student brawl, the Death Festival, Tsugumi Harudori receives depressing news from her family. As she struggles with how to accept loss, Tsugumi lashes out at Meme Tatane, compromising their friendship. Meanwhile, Shaula Gorgon makes a bold move to proceed with her plan to attack Death City, which will result in the death of one of Tsugumi's mentors.


Halloween PreparationsEdit

Halloween is an important holiday for Death City, as residents decorate their homes and businesses in anticipation for the Death Festival, a yearly battle held between EAT students. This festival also attracts vendors who dress in Halloween costumes to promote their wares—which provides Shaula Gorgon with the opportunity to disguise herself in a traditional witch outfit and sell her venom-laced jewelry.

Sid Barrett Discovers the MoleEdit

Upon discovering materials stolen from the DWMA, Clay Sizemore presents his last report to Sid Barrett, which concludes that there is a mole within the DWMA, likely possessed by Shaula's venom. Sid asks Akane☆Hoshi and Clay to prepare a strike team stationed around Death City, as he intends to use this mole to draw Shaula into the open to assassinate her.

Depressing News from HomeEdit

Tsugumi Harudori and Anya Hepburn have finished their Jack O'Lanterns from pumpkins they have been growing in the girls' dormitory backyard—with Tsugumi's looking more adorable than Anya's horrifying creation. Meme Tatane returns with her Halloween costume but refuses to reveal what she is wearing.

The trio's conversation is interrupted by Kana Altair, who delivers a letter from Tsugumi's mother. But the letter contains news that causes Tsugumi to break down into tears and scream that she has to return home. Meme reads the letter: Tsugumi's dog, Pochi, has suffered an injury, with no chance of survival.

Later that evening, Meme returns—again with her Halloween outfit, forgetting that she already bought one. Outraged that Meme cannot remember why she is upset, Tsugumi lashes out at her friend. Meme apologizes and, with tears in her eyes, avoids both Tsugumi and Anya.

Shaula AttacksEdit

That evening, Meme again sleepwalks—but out of the girls' dormitory. Tsugumi and Anya follow her, finding that she has broken into Sid Barrett's Anti-Witch Headquarters at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Meanwhile, Sid's strike team is ready to use the mole to attack Shaula—until Sid's own troops are attacked surreptitiously by Shaula's prehensile scorpion tail-shaped hair, infecting them with her mind-controlling poison.

Tsugumi and Anya confront Meme in the Anti-Witch Headquarters, then Akane and Clay enter to investigate who has broken into the room. Meme, sleepwalking under Shaula's possession, realizes she is outnumbered and attacked her friends, escaping out of the Academy. Akane asks Clay to stay behind to protect "the Princess" while he and Sid pursue Meme.

Left alone with Tsugumi and Anya, Clay explains that Meme is suspected of being possessed by Shaula, making her a mole stealing materials from the DWMA to compromise their investigation of the Traitors. Realizing Meme's memory problems were brought on by Shaula's possession, Tsugumi now regrets yelling at Meme all the more. Clay leaves to rejoin Sid and Akane, ordering the duo to stay in the Academy where it is safe. But Anya reminds Tsugumi of her responsibility to both of her meisters: they have to follow Clay and help save Meme.

During her escape from the Academy, the possessed Meme easily disables Sid's forces, her strength and combat skills overwhelming the soldiers. Sid calls for snipers to give the troops cover—but those snipers are already under Shaula's possession, instead attack Sid and his allies. Upon spotting Shaula on the rooftops, Sid orders Akane, armed with Clay, to cover him, while he pursues the witch.

Sid corners Shaula in the Square of Liberty, underneath a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Even as Sid orders Shaula to surrender, he is surrounded by his own troops, possessed by Shaula. Distracted, Sid is unprepared when Shaula stabs him from the back, infecting him with her venom until he cannot move. Shaula determines that while Sid is a capable fighter, his will is far too strong to become the kind of obedient soldier he demands. Therefore, he must die.

An explosion is heard throughout Death City. Tsugumi and Anya, trying to find Meme, follow the sound to the Square of Liberty, where they are joined by Akane and Clay to see that before escaping, Meme had ripped the Statue of Liberty from its stand, and used it to attack Sid. The students are horrified to find that their friend has killed their teacher.

Elsewhere, in her bell tower, Shaula has already amassed a large number of possessed NOT students.

Notable InstancesEdit

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • In the manga, Meme's attack on Sid has the whole Statue of Liberty upside down, the tip of its torch stabbed into Sid's forehead. In the anime, Meme's attack demolishing the entire statue, its stone laid across all of Sid's body. Sid's blood is spilled in this attack in the anime, covering Meme's body and also used to deliver Shaula's message that while the DWMA sleeps, her troops are awake.


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