Power (力, Chikara) refers to the special abilities in which all Demon Weapons possess due to the weapon gene within their heritage.[1]


Powers are specials abilities possessed by Demon Weapons in which allows them to function as Weapons. These powers are not only referred to the transformations in which a Demon Weapon possesses, but the special abilities they may have come from them as well.[1]

Significance with the DWMAEdit

Often, Weapons are born with these powers but are unable to properly utilize them. It is because of this that Death Weapon Meister Academy takes in and trains the students to control their power in an effort for them to not only realize their potential, but as a deterrent so they don't one day lose control. There has been previous incidents involving Weapons unable to handle their power and has risen fear in ordinary Humans,who often avoid and even discriminate against Demon Weapons.[1]

List of PowersEdit


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