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editPot of Fire and Pot of Thunder

Fire Thunder

Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder
Potto obu Faia & Potto obu Sandā
Fire and Thunder

Gender Male
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, Female
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Classification Human
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, Weapon
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Kirikou Rung

Pot of Fire & Pot of Thunder (ポット・オブ・ファイア&ポット・オブ・サンダー, Potto obu Faia & Potto obu Sandā) more commonly known as just Fire and Thunder, are twins that are Kirikou Rung's Weapon partners. They are known as Demon Pots (魔壺 Matsubo in Japanese), although in Weapon form they actually take on the form of large gauntlets. Despite their age, they are still used and are incredibly effective in battle. They are also Earth Shamans, being able to hear the voice of the Earth. They are currently members of the elite Shibusen student unit, Spartoi.


Fire, Thunder, snap out of it! It's just a toy!!

Kirikou Rung, Chapter 54

Even though they are very powerful Weapons they are still only children. Obviously, they are inquisitive and easily distracted. More often than not, they do not realize that they are supposed to be serious in some situations, and always remain playful and innocent. They share Kirikou's carefree and laidback attitude to most things, and are always cheerful and looking for fun. They are surprisingly tough for their age, and do not show fear when fighting with Kirikou. However, they can still be spooked when things get too violent, which causes them to cry and run to Kirikou or the nearest person for protection, which show that they are still heavily dependent on others and are defenceless on their own.

Like most young brothers and sisters, they quarrel a lot and can be impatient, no matter how serious the situation is. This is shown during the operation to capture Baba Yaga's Castle against Arachnophobia (manga). In conducting this mission they nearly ruin Kirikou's disguise in front of Mosquito, through arguing while still being an integral part of the disguise. Also, due to their playfulness, they easily fall under the influence of Artifact Soldier Morubi's technique.

Despite these setbacks, Fire and Thunder are actually quite serious at times, especially when it comes to their abilities as Earth Shamans. They have deep ties to nature and are shown to express concern, even sadness, when they feel nature's pain from being polluted. Their feelings can be quite intense if nature is heavily affected by something, which may make them emotional in some situations.

Due to their young age, they do not speak. Being rather in sync with each other, there are not that many differences in their individual personalities. They do not even act differently or look different when they switch genders in the Book of Eibon (although by looking at their facial expressions, Fire seems to be the bolder of the two, whilst Thunder is a bit more sensitive).


Fire and Thunder Infused

Fire and Thunder infused with magic

Fire and Thunder are young small twins, befitting their young age in comparison to the other characters within the series. Both have a dark skin complexion and facial features consisting of large blue eyes, rosy cheeks and mid-length blonde hair framing their faces. They also share the same clothing, composed of a striped sleeveless top worn under white dungarees, and a cap. However, Fire's cap is orange and his top features alternating red and white stripes, whereas Thunder's cap is yellow and her top features alternating yellow and white stripes.

As of their later introduction into DWMA's Spartoi unit, their clothing changes drastically, as they adopt the groups signature uniforms. Both now wear a white dress shirt/blouse with a blue, sailor-style collar and a black necktie and blue pants. Alongside this, their original caps have been replaced with striped tuques (beanies). Their souls are not shown, however, in the anime, it is hinted that Fire's soul is red, and Thunder's soul is yellow, befitting their respective elemental properties.

Although they appear to be identical twins, it is later revealed that Fire is actually male, whereas Thunder is female. This is made evident when they transform into their adult forms through Kim's magic. In this form, Fire takes on the form of a young boy with chin-length blonde hair with (possibly) red tips. An elaborate marking in the shape of a fireball is emblazoned on one side of his hair, with a similar tattoo on his right shoulder. He has small but profound tear drop-shaped markings beneath each of his eyes and has three short vertical lines marked between his eyes. He also wears a scarf that seems to be made of fire. There are also what appears to be vents located on some parts of his body. Three are seen on each of his pectoral muscles, three on each of his shoulders, and three on the back of each of his hands. He also wears long metal bracelets on each arm. The bottom half of his body is obscured by flames which are attached to Kirikou's right arm.

Thunder becomes a young girl dressed in a (probably) yellow crop top which is attached to a hood that goes over her head and hangs down and curves round in a loop, with some segments of the hood separated and floating in place. She seems to wear a hat beneath the hood. Possibly yellow markings can be seen on the edges of her eyes and short streaks can be seen beneath them also. She has two sleek yellow lines tattooed on her shoulder. She wears elaborate decorative sleeves that extend outward and curve into the air similar to her hood, with some parts floating detached. The bottom half of her body is engulfed with electricity and is attached to Kirikou's left arm.

In Weapon form, they adopt the shape of two grey ornately decorated large boxing-gloves, or more accurately 'glove-shaped pots.' However, they only slightly resemble pots, the resemblance mostly more evident around the gloves' openings, which look like the mouths of pots. They have metal knuckle plates which have their respective names inscribed on them in black italics. Also on these plates is the slight 'human' factor in their design, the same large, doe-shaped eyes, though it is unknown if these eyes can display emotions in the way that Soul Eater's Weapon form does.


Fire and Thunder in weapon form

Fire and Thunder in Weapon form (Fire pictured on the left and Thunder on the right)

Pots: Fire and Thunder's powers as Demon Weapons allow them to turn into what are referred to as 'pots' but are basically large gloves made to increase their Meister's power in his punches. They are also shown to be able to emerge out of their Weapon form whilst at full power in their adult forms.

Fire and Thunder Generation: Fire and Thunder's main strengths obviously come from their ability to generate fire and electricity respectively. When Resonating with Kirikou, they can assist them with their elements in Weapon form, and can also combine their elements for an even more powerful attack. There also seems to be evidence that they can generate their elemental powers outside of Weapon form, as Fire apparently demonstrates breathing fire in order to convince Mosquito that Kirikou is one of the Artifact Soldiers whilst they are infiltrating Baba Yaga's Castle. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Earth Shamans: Interestingly enough, both Fire and Thunder are Earth Shamans meaning that they can literally hear the voice of the Earth itself. This allows them to directly sense any disturbances in the surrounding ground, regardless of how the damage has been inflicted, whether it has a magical or physical basis as its origin. This ability pays dividence when searching for concealed underground locations, that would be normally impossible to detect by other means. They have been shown to find hidden passages in the environment, and are the first to notice any changes in the environment, shown when they notice the arrival of the Black Clown first. Their powers as Earth Shamans may be related to magic, as their powers seem to truly awaken under the power of Kim's magic. This power seems to also effect them emotional, the both of them quietly crying as they feel it in the stagnant air.

Adult Form: When their Earth Shamans ability is released at full power, Fire and Thunder can briefly turn into older versions of themselves. This temporary use of ageing indicates that they are not like average humans.

Soul Wavelength Compatibility: Like Kirikou, they are shown to be quite compatible in terms of Soul Wavelengths with other people. They can use Liz and Patti in Weapon form with ease, and are also able to fuse their powers with Kim's magic.

Soul Resonance Abilities

Triple F (Flame Flint Fist)- Kirikou resonates with Pot of Fire to encase that hand in a very hot flame, then throws a very strong punch.


With their child-like innocence and cheerfulness, Fire and Thunder are hard not to be liked by the others at Shibusen. They are often fussed over because of their young age and they themselves are rather attached to the other characters, especially their partner, Kirikou. However, their childish antics are sometimes hard to put up with, especially in serious situations.


Kirikou Rung
Fire and Thunder are rather attached to Kirikou. They loyally follow him around everywhere and as partners, fight and cooperate with him very well. They usually listen to him, although they will ignore him if they are too distracted. They are shown to be also dependent on him, and see him as a guardian figure, shown as they run towards him in fright when Harvar frightens them. They seem to be happier when he is around.
Liz and Patti
Their Soul Wavelengths are compatible, allowing Fire and Thunder to use both Liz and Patti in Weapon form. Patti's playful attitude also causes her to click well with the twins, and they are shown to be playing with each other after escaping from the African village on their first collaborative mission.


Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Fire and Thunder also like Tsubaki, and she acts rather like a caring mother figure to them. The two are shown playing tag with her at Shibusen, laughing as they run away from Tsubaki, who pretends to be a monster chasing them.
The twins also look to Maka as a protective figure and a source of comfort, shown when they cry in her arms when they feel the pain of a forest polluted by magic in the Amazon Rainforest.
Harvar D. Éclair
The two are slightly afraid of Harvar, due to his intensely cold personality. They run to Kirikou in tears after Harvar stabs Artifact Soldier Morubi right in front of them.
Kim and Jacqueline
As their fellow team mates, Fire and Thunder are also shown to be close to Kim and Jacqueline. The two are also able to Resonate with them, and Kim's magic enables them to achieve their true powers as Earth Shamans.


Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder
As siblings, they get along quite well, and are always in sync with each other, both sharing the same moods and feeling the same things at the same time. However, like all siblings, they are prone to quarrelling, but still remain close even though they fight at times.


Angela Leon
Although Fire and Thunder do not know Angela well, they seem to have already made friends. The two are seen playing tag with the little Witch with Tsubaki.

Part in the Story

Legend of the Holy Sword

Fire and Thunder are seen standing beside Kirikou Rung as they decide to fight Hiro and Excalibur with Death the Kid, Black Star and their partners. Kirikou tries to attack Hiro with Pot of Fire, using Triple F, but Hiro casually dodges the attack, before defeating Kirikou, Kid and Black Star with a single hit.


Fire and Thunder remain in Weapon form throughout the battle for Brew on Lost Island, where they, along with numerous other DWMA students, are chosen to participate in the mission to retrieve the Demon Tool before Arachnophobia. Stein and Marie enter the magnetic field in the centre of the island where the Demon Tool is located, and the twins with their Meister, stay behind with Ox, Harvar, Kim, Jacqueline, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patti, Soul and Maka. However, they are soon ambushed by Arachnophobia troops. When Maka, Kid and Black Star and their partners go after Stein and Marie to retrieve Brew, Kirikou decides to stay behind with Ox and Kim and their partners to stop Arachne’s forces from advancing. During the battle, Fire and Thunder show their immense power as Demon Pots, Resonating with both Kirikou and with Ox in order to create powerful attacks, such as Lightning Flash and Aphex Twin. Kirikou and Ox and their partners then cover Kim as she flies into the sky on Jacqueline to send out a signal for the Shibusen forces to retreat. After dispatching the enemy forces, Kirikou, Fire and Thunder, Ox and Harvar see Marie and Stein emerge from the magnetic field. Seeing that Maka and the others have not returned, the two Meisters and their Demon Weapons go on to help them, ignoring Marie's threats of failing all of their grades if they disobey orders. They accompany Maka and the others out of the field, with Kirikou helping out Black Star. They witness the holographic replay of the destruction of the research facility of the island in the magnetic field, before they leave the field. Marie threatens to strike them, but then embraces them, glad that they are all safe.

The Clown

The twins are seen with Kirikou as he chooses an extracurricular mission to go on. He needs to find another Meister and Weapon team to come along with him, and asks Ox if he wants to come with him. However, Ox replies that he intends to ask Kim, and Kirikou wishes him luck. As Ox leaves and Kirikou has a short conversation with Maka and Soul, Kirikou tells the twins that they need to find a team mate to go with them on their mission. Soon Harvar and Ox, who has an immensely gaunt expression on his face, returns. The twins hide behind Kirikou, afraid of him. Ox explains how he had got rejected by Kim because of his hairstyle. Although Kirikou suggests he change his hairstyle, Ox replies that his hairstyle grants him the power of lightning to protect the ones he loves. Impressed by his spirit, Kirikou offers him to go with him on his mission, the mission that requires a burning heart and spirit. Ox agrees and take their mission to the receptionist, who super-approves their mission.

The Choice

Fire and Thunder are seen at Shibusen with Kirikou, Ox and Harvar. All of them have their shirts off. When Soul and Maka ask them why they are not wearing shirts, Kirikou explains their story of how they went about with their mission, which was to quell the rage of a giant. Kirikou and Ox had gone against the giant in a stand-off, whilst Harvar, Fire and Thunder had sat and watched. In the end however, they had ended up befriending the giant, and had all danced around naked around a camp fire. Soon Jacqueline and Kim return and Jacqueline and Maka fuss over the twins, until DWMA officials try to take Kim and Jacqueline away. Realizing that the DWMA had discovered that she is a Witch, Kim and Jacqueline quickly run away before explanations can be made.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga’s Castle

Both Fire and Thunder, along with Kirikou, Ox, Harvar, Death the Kid, Liz, Patti, Soul and Maka are specifically chosen to follow Medusa on her mission to infiltrate Arachne’s castle, which is located in the Amazon River Basin in South America. During their travel in the Amazon forests, the group come across a lake polluted by magic, caused by Arachne's Demon Tool production. Fire and Thunder suddenly begin to loudly weep, to Maka's surprise. Kirikou proceeds to explain that 'nature is crying' and that the grief inflicted upon the land due to magical contamination is being directly transmitted to the young children because of their Earth Shaman heritage. As Maka comforts the two, Medusa suggests that the sound of the Earth will probably sound like the babbling of children, as she cannot imagine the Earth's voice as anything else. This causes Soul to throw a snide comment at her, and he asks how Medusa can say such kind things after she had ruined the world by releasing Asura.

At this moment, the team is attacked by a squid-like creature, formerly an ordinary creature mutated by the magical pollution. It is covered by a seemingly impervious magical coating, making everyone's attacks useless. Medusa proposes to dissemble this protection using her magic and follow it up with a powerful attack. With that, she enhances Fire and Thunder with Vector Boost, increasing the power of their attacks in order to defeat the creature. Kirikou manages to defeat the squid with a combination of Vector Boost and Triple F through Resonating with Fire. Later, the twins look on sadly at the squid's soul as Death the Kid stores it in his body for later. They soon meet up with one of the Mizune who tells Medusa and the others, to everyone's shock, that Kim and Jacqueline have joined up with Arachnophobia.

After the group successfully manage to infiltrate the castle, they meet up with Eruka, who gives everyone Arachnophobia uniforms to wear. Kirikou adopts the disguise of a member of Arachnophobia, with Fire and Thunder concealed under the same cloak on top of his head. However, everyone's identical appearances forces the two to temporarily split up. Kirikou and the twins, with Ox and Harvar, end up playing chess with Mosquito. All goes well, until Fire and Thunder start fighting. This causes Kirikou's cover to be nearly blown, but thankfully, Mosquito mistakes them for on of the Artifact Soldiers.

Soon, everyone is reunited again, and Medusa runs them through with their plan: to destroy the eight Locks scattered throughout the castle that locks the Queen Spider's Room. She uses Vector Conduct on Kirikou and Ox to direct them to one of the Locks. Before splitting up, Medusa equips Fire and Thunder with another Vector Boost. However, Ox senses Kim and with persuasion from Kirikou, goes on ahead to find her with Harvar. Kirikou and the twins go on alone to find the Lock. However, Kirikou's cover is nearly blown once again, when the twins start violently arguing between themselves but due to their resemblance to Artifact Soldiers, the deception is preserved. Kirikou ends up in a room full of Artifact Soldiers. As he senses the explosions of the other Locks being destroyed, he decides to abandon his disguise and fight his way to the Lock.

He orders Fire and Thunder to transform. He uses their magically-enhanced powers with Medusa's Vector Boost to easily blow away the forces using attacks such as Double T. When the Artifact Soldiers realize their dwindling numbers, they send in Artifact Soldier Morubi. It uses an ability which involves it creating lots of toys and confetti to appear, which serves to entertain and distract both Fire and Thunder, leaving Kirikou to fight alone. The twins completely ignore Kirikou being chased around by the Artifact Soldiers, being completely taken in by Morubi's entertaining actions. It is not until Harvar appears and kills Morubi right in front of them that they stop playing. They then run to Kirikou, terrified by Harvar. As Kirikou and the twins reunite with Ox, Harvar, Jacqueline and Kim, they soon go on to destroy the Lock, opening up the door to the Queen Spider's Room. This is the last time the twins are seen in this arc.


They are both observed as members of the newly formed DWMA's Spartoi unit, the same time that Soul becomes a Death Scythe.

I'm Gonna Be an Angel

Back at Shibusen, both Fire and Thunder are seen playing with Angela as Tsubaki chases both the three around, pretending to be a scary monster.

The Witch's Research

On their first mission as part of DWMA's elite unit, Spartoi, they are tasked with the locating of certain materials supported by Kirikou, Liz and Patti, with Kim and Jacqueline stationed nearby. The operation has lead the group into a seemingly desolate village within Africa, and they are infiltrating one of Medusa's abandoned laboratories in order to gather information of her plans. Through the use of the Demon Tool Income, constant contact is maintained between them and Yumi Azusa, the Death Scythe in charge of the mission. Yumi advises Kirikou to use Fire and Thunder for close-range and the Thompson sisters for long-range combat. As they continue through the town, Fire and Thunder proceed to alert the others to their discovery of an underground passageway, that they are able to detect due to their Earth Shaman powers. The group cautiously descend down the darkened stairs, with the twins assuming their Weapon forms in preparation for any traps.

After entering the laboratory, they gather the information, and the team exits the hidden structure only to be attacked by numerous crazed locals of the village. Because of them being fired on by guns, Kirikou mostly fights using Liz and Patti, whilst Fire and Thunder retain their Weapon form, as Kirikou evades the multiple assaults directed towards them, only using the Pots to eventually smash through a solid wall in order to conduct an escape.

Later, at a more secure location, the twins are seen playing with Patti as the reunited group contemplate on the meaning of the research they have gathered and its relation to the situation in the village. While this occurs, the Black Clown appears. Fire and Thunder are immediately aware of the Clown's presence. They, along with Liz, Patti and Jacqueline assume Weapon form as Kim and Kirikou prepare to fight the Clown. After overcoming the Wavelength of madness coming from the creature, they engage in battle. Kirikou now starts using the Demon Pots more than the Thompson sisters, engaging in close combat. Kim covers Kirikou by getting rid of the Black Blood emitted from the Black Clown so it cannot counter-attack.

But the Black Clown is fairly resilient, and Kirikou and the others fail to do damage. They decide to use a Chain Resonance. Kim passes on her magic to Fire and Thunder, awakening their true Earth Shaman powers, causing them to assume their adult forms. Fire and Thunder take hold of Liz and Patti in Weapon form and fire two huge blasts at the Clown, resulting in the attack, E3. The Black Clown, heavily damaged, retreats before Kirikou and the others realize that it is still alive. Kirikou and the others decide that the Black Clown is destroyed.


Fire, Thunder, Kirikou, Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, Black Star and Blair are chosen to enter the Book of Eibon in order to save Kid, who has bee kidnapped by Noah. They enter the book via help with the Witches Kim, Eruka (recently captured by Black Star) and the released Risa and Arisa.

They enter the Book and start off in the Introduction, where they meet the Index, the person in charge of organizing the Book. The Index explains to them that everyone must traverse the seven Chapters of the Book in order to reach Kid. Everyone agrees to go on, and enter a portal into the first Chapter, Lust. Here, everyone has their genders switched, each person transformed into a manifestation of what they find sexually attractive in the opposite sex. Amusingly, Fire and Thunder look completely identical to each other, even when their genders are switched. The twins fidget, obviously embarrassed and confused as to what has happened.

As the team confront and defeat the Succubus they move onto the next Chapter, Gluttony. Everyone finds that although their personalities have returned to normal, their switched genders are still the same, despite them leaving the Lust Chapter. The Index explains that their transformations will gradually fade, but the more lustful the person, the slower the transformation.

As they traverse the Gluttony Chapter, they run into a giant pig. Allured by its delicious meat, Black Star cuts it into pieces whilst Kirikou fries it using Pot of Fire. Kirikou, Patti and Black Star start eating and Soul manages to get the Index to move on before they give into the sin.

Whilst Soul and Maka are left behind in the third Chapter, Envy, the rest of the team keep going on through the Chapters, encountering Excalibur in the Chapters of Wrath and Pride, much to their dismay. Soon, they reach the last Chapter. Black Star decides to face Death the Kid alone, forcing Kirikou, Fire, Thunder, Liz, Patti and Tsubaki to wait for him.

After Black Star manages to rescue Kid, the Black Mass sends everyone out from the Book of Eibon. They end up on the battlefield with Noah, who had just killed Tezca Tlipoca and incapacitated Stein, Marie, Sid and Nygus. Kirikou and the twins, along with everyone else, prepare to fight Noah. As Death the Kid and Black Star fight Noah, Kirikou uses Pot of Fire to destroy the Select Gremlins summoned by Noah, and later takes on the Horror Dragon with his Demon Pots until Kid defeats the dragon and Noah with Parent's Seven Rays.

Soul Eater Not!


The twins are seen in Weapon form with their Meister, Kirikou, advertising the DWMA to the new school students on Enrollment Day.

In the Anime

After the fight on Lost Island, the twins are not seen until the fight at Baba Yaga's Castle, where they are seen in Weapon form with Kirikou as they infiltrate with Ox, Kim and their partners. After they infiltrate the castle, Azusa uses Senrigan on Kim in order to locate Asura. After she does so, Fire and Thunder escape with the others on Jacqueline in Weapon form. They are last seen after the battle against Asura, back in the classroom with Kirikou, Ox, Harvar, Kim and Jacqueline.


  • In Chapter 15 of the manga, apparent previous designs of Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder are seen alongside Kirikou. Drastically different to their recent designs, they are two young light-skinned women, one with dark tied up hair, one with short light hair. Both are wearing robe-like dresses and have tribal markings present beneath their eyes. In the anime version of the same scene, these designs are not used, and Fire and Thunder are in their recent designs.
  • Along with the Thompson Sisters, Fire and Thunder are one of the few Weapons that fight as a pair.
  • In Volume 18 of the Soul Eater manga (which contained the Spartoi's adventures through the Book of Eibon), Atsushi Ōkubo created a horse-racing style table of the Soul Eater characters who have had their genders switched, and made a race as to who is the most lustful out of them all in a 'Lust Race.' Fire and Thunder were given a racehorse name, called Fire Thunder. Their popularity level was 14.
  • Unlike other weapons, when they transform, they stay fully clothed.

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