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Ponera artbook

The Monotone Princess

Personal Data

Witch Soul Witch


Gender Sign - FemaleFemale




Control over Insects
Control over the spiritual power of Souls

Professional Data
Previous Affiliations


Former Occupations

Head of Parapornera

Real World Information


Game Debut

Monotone Princess

Ponera, known as the Monotone Princess, was the witch princess that headed the organization, Paraponera and appeared in the non-canonical video-game, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess.[1] She is the last surviving member of her clan.[1]


As a surviving member of her clan, Ponera is a individual bent on revenge, wanting nothing to stop her plans and feels wholly justified of her actions. Like Death the Kid, Ponera loves symmetry along with insects. She even thought life would be so much better with insects and symmetry, though she herself said that she sometimes doesn't take symmetry too seriously. She is also an individually who typically deems an opponent to be lesser then her. In addition, she is very attached to Grimoire, referring to the transformations of humans into monsters with the use of her soul cocoons as their "kids" and possibly harbors romantic feelings towards her mentor. Even when abandoned, she believed he would come back to her side until her death.[1]


Ponera is a relatively tall girl who physically appears to be slightly older than Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid. She wears a gray bug-like crown on her of her dark hair, which is quite short. Coming down to about halfway of her neck. Two long pieces of hair extend from the bangs and hang low over Ponera's face with a pink mark at the end of each of them. She has a curvy figure, with mid size breasts, a thin waist, and small hips.

Her typical clothing consists simply of a long, white sleeveless dress that has a trailing pieces of fabric going cross the waist area. Two long sleeve-like gloves, separated entirely from the dress, are worn on her arms, ending just after her elbows. Seemingly connected to this gloves her are tattoo like markings spread across her arms up to her shoulder blades. Like Medusa, she also prefers to go barefoot wherever she is.

Ponera is always seen carrying a pink bug like teddy bear with four leg and a golden crown on top of its head.

Magic & Abilities

As a Witch, Ponera posses magical abilities. She has the power to control insects and use them to fight for her. One of Ponera's greatest powers was her ability to control the spiritual power of souls to such lengths that she was able to put them into insect statues (with the use of the soul cocoon) and use them for battle. She also has the ability to fuse with insects, as she's done so during her boss fight.[1]


Early life

Monotone Princess


  • Both Ponera and the sorcerer, Noah (Wrath), share some similarities. Both Ponera and Noah share the same theme and have fused with their associated familiars in their battles.[1][2]


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