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Police Stinger
Police Stinger
Technique Data
English Title Police Stinger
Romaji Porisu Sutingā
Katakana ポリススティンガー
Alternate Title(s)
Type Piercing,
Derived Magic
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 29
Anime Debut 29
I'll drain every drop of blood from your body until you're an empty bag of skin!

Mosquito, Episode 29

Police Stinger (ポリススティンガー, Porisu Sutingā) is one of Mosquito's moves and probably his most basic attacks. Using his nose, he extends it to a mid-range stinger, then subsequently pierces the enemy with it, draining their blood from his nose in the manner of the creature of his namesake.

The way this is carried out may vary as to which form he is currently in. In his form from the present Soul Eater time-line; he firstly extends his nose and then proceeds to violently spin his body like a rotor, enabling him to fly, before diving at his intended target to deliver the blow. The way he buzzes around in mid-air with his long nose makes him indeed look like a large mosquito. In his Form from 100 years ago, he does not spin his body around and just simply attacks with his nose, firing it at the ground and using the large bulk of this body to create an attack that is equally devastating. It seems that the nose can be turned around like a screw, allowing Mosquito to alter its length.

It can be assumed that he can perform this technique as long as he has an extended nose (thus excluding his Form from 400 years ago) and that a more powerful variation of this attack is his Three Piece Police Stinger.

Mosquito uses this attack first against the little 'scuffle' against Giriko. It takes Giriko's Saw Foot to counter the attack. Mosquito later uses it against Maka and her friends in the battle for Brew, in his form from 100 years ago. His added bulk makes the attack so powerful that when fired at the ground, it is enough to crack the very ground it comes into contact with.

Trivia Edit

  • Given the author's references to Western culture, this attack and its upgraded form may be references to the musician, Sting and the band, the Police of which he was a member.

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