Chapter 96 - Pelt of the Fire Rat
Pelt of the Fire Rat

'Hinezumi No Kawaginu'


Magic clothes

Derived Magic

Wardrobe Change



Manga Debut

Chapter 93

Pelt of the Fire Rat (火鼠の皮衣, Hinezumi No Kawaginu) is one of the two clothes changes Kaguya can utilize in her Wardrobe Change magic.[1]


The Pelt of the Fire Rat appears on Kaguya as a large furcoat in which it's "tail" sticks upward. This also gives Kaguya hands the appearance of them being like that of a cartoonish rat. While wearing this, this enables Kaguya to possess not only Magic but even access one of the pelt's own attacks.[1]




  • "Pelt of the Fire Rat" comes from the well-known Japanese folklore Tale of the Bamboo Cutter or Princess Kaguya. The sought after Princess Kaguya tells her five princely suitors that they each much bring her a rare treasure. One of them was a pelt (or Robe) of a fire rat.[2]


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