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Patty Thompson

Patty as she appears in the Soul Eater anime.

Patricia "Patty" Thompson
Professional Data

Brooklyn, New York[citation needed]


Death City



Weapon Partner

Elizabeth Thompson(via bond)


Death the Kid


Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2Shibusen/DWMA

Academy Class

E.A.T Class




Academy Student




Gender Sign - FemaleFemale


Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Demon Weapon2Demon Weapon

Birth Name

Patricia Thompson

Skin Color


Eye Color


Unnamed Father(Father)
Unnamed Mother(Mother)
Elizabeth Thompson(Older sister)
Appears In

Appears in - Soul EaterAppears in - Soul Eater Not!

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Patricia "Patty" Thompson (パティー(パトリシア)・トンプソン, Patī (Patorishia) Tonpuson) is one half of Death the Kid's Demon twin pistols. She is the younger sister of Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson and the more naïve of the two.


Patty is mostly seen speaking in a sing-song voice, acting and speaking like a young child. She pronounces words like "hello" and "sorry", as a child would "hullo" and "sowwy". She is very naïve and simple-minded and doesn't seem to take anything in a serious manner. While taking an important written exam, instead of answering questions, she began making an origami giraffe out of her test papers, then "broke its neck". Her current personality differs from the seemingly aggressive personality she had during her time in Brooklyn, developing her current personality after she met Kid. Unlike her sister Liz, Patti enjoys the drama brought on by Kid's perfectionist attitude; though she does cheer him up when he gets down on himself about it.

Patty's juvenile nature

On the few occasions when she loses her temper, her childlike personality is replaced by a somewhat psychotic-seeming anger, as if her personality reverted back into her past street life in Brooklyn, which was so frightening it managed to scare Kid into running through a minefield of asymmetrically placed Tadpole Bombs on the way to stop Asura's revival while crying. There have been times though, that Patty's childishly naïve personality disappears to make room for a more serious personality, suggesting that her bubble-like personality may be a front, or merely how she wants to act. These changes are more evident in the manga, recent example of which was seen after Kid got 'collected' by Noah. Patti uncharacteristically called her sister a coward when she refused to fight Noah, and showed a surprising maturity by comforting her sister afterward. Whether these qualities count as her own form of madness has yet to be clarified.

When having her gender switched inside the Book of Eibon, his personality leans his more crazed side, with a higher amount of aggression as he threatens to "beat (Index) up" with a sadistic look on his face.


Eric (Elizabeth) and Patric (Patricia)

Patti (left) and Liz (right) as boys

Patty is 'physically' older than Kid, Black☆Star, Soul and Maka. She has chin-length, bright yellow (blonde) hair with bangs, light blue eyes and she has bigger breasts than her sister even though her sister is older and taller (a difference in body structure that causes no end of frustration to their meister, Kid, as it makes them asymmetrical in human form). Both of the Thompson sisters wear cowgirl outfits: A tight, red, sleeveless, turtleneck belly shirt with a white tie, cowboy hat and black, high-heel boots. However, unlike Liz, Patty wears puffy shorts. There is also a subtle difference in her hat. Liz's hat has rims that slant forwards, whereas Patti's hat has rims that are in a perfect curve. Later on in the anime, both sisters wear white jackets over their outfits. Like Liz, Patty's soul has a pink color and has two curved triangles representing her hat. In Spartoi uniform, Patty wears a zip-up top over a blue vest and a jacket with a high collar like Liz. She keeps her puffy shorts but replaces her cowboy hat with a hat that has floppy 'ears' on each side.

Patty transforms into a boy upon entering the Book of Eibon. She is shown to have shorter hair covered by a beanie hat. She also resembles her psychotic self a bit more, as her eyes look slightly more crazed than in her girl form. She wears a white jacket and shirt and dark pants like Liz. The only difference is that Patty has the Spartoi logo on her left shoulder and a large Shinigami skull emblazoned on her back.


  • Both Patty and Liz collect and store souls within their magazines in pistol form.
  • Patt seems to be ambidextrous; she uses her right hand to draw or write and shoots with her left hand.
  • Patty and Liz's last name is a reference to the infamous Thompson submachine gun used by gangsters of the 1920s and 30s. [sourcing needed]
  • In interview,s Atsushi Ōkubo has mentioned that he feels Patty is the character most like him, as well as Black☆Star.
  • In the official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Patty ranked 10th.
  • Despite her comical approach to test taking, the fact that Patti's paper giraffe with a broken neck still scored two points might say more about the tests at Shibusen than the students.
  • It appears that Patti is not fond of extremely hot weather or temperatures, as shown in Episode 30 of the Anime, and Chapter 30 of the manga. Apparently, she hates the extreme heat, which makes her immensely irritable, given how she reacts violently to the disguised Mizune ignoring the group's greeting.
  • In her male form in the Lust Chapter, Patti somewhat resembles Black☆Star when he is seen wearing a beanie after his second fight with Mifune. Likewise, Black☆Star's female form can be seen as remarkably similar to Patty.
  • Patty and Liz's weapon form resembles the Beretta 92FS or the M9 pistols used by the United States Armed Forces.

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