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CD cover

Tommy heavenly6
2. Ruby Shoes
3. PAPERMOON (Original Instrumental)

Papermoon is Tommy heavenly6's 9th single. The title track was used as second opening theme song for Soul Eater anime. and it was featured from episode 31 through episode 51.


Video (English Credit Version)

『チオク』Soul Eater op 2 - PAPERMOON [English]

Song Lyrics

Japanese Rōmaji

I´m Falling

Down into my shadow

Iki wo hisomete

matteiru Deadly Night

Don't Scary

Majo ga egaita

Kabocha no basha mo

sono me ni utsuseru kara

See you in your dreams YEAH, BABY

Kowai yume da to shitemo

Fairy Blue

kimi no tame ni

hoshi wo kudaki


Black Paper Moon

Shinjitekureta nara

When you're

Lost "Here" I am

"Forever" with you Soul

miagereba kagayaku

tsuki no you ni


Shinku no jam wo

Otashita card ni

ukabiagaru moji

Your Destiny

kimi ga nozomeba

donna sekai mo

sono te ni tsukameru kara

mado wa sarenaide

dare ni mo kowasenai

Fairy Blue

kimi ga kureta

ikiru akashi

kizuna to iu


sakendekureta nara

I will

Find you my dear

doko ni itemo

kara mitsuku jyubaku wo

toki hanate

Dare mo shinkirare nakute

hikutsu ni naru

toki mo aru

Soredemo kimi no kotoba wa

itsudemo mune ni hibiteru

Fairy Blue

kimi no tame ni

hoshi wo kudaki



yume no miushinate

mayotta toki

miagete hoshi

Fairy Blue

kimi ga kureta

ikiru akashi

kizuna to iu


kimi wa hitori jyanai

When you're

lost "Here" I am

"Forever" with your Soul

Tadoritsukeru kimi ga

shinjiru nara

English Translation

I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow

Holding in my every breath as I await the Deadly Night

So Scary, but you can't give into this

Fear of pumpkin carriages 'cause all the witches see it in your eyes

See you in your dreams Yeah, baby

Your nightmares, too, that's where I'll find you

Fairy Blue

It is only for you that I would crush the stars

And Display them with the Black Paper Moon

If you really put your faith in me

When You're Lost Here, I am

Forever With Your Soul

Waiting here above you patiently, just like the shining moon

A symbol rises to the surface

Of the crimson jam that I had submerged it deep within

Your Destiny isn't so immutable, anything that you can dream

Can also be the fate that you will have

Don't try to use deceit on me

I will not break, I won't surrender

Fairy Blue

You are my everything, the reason I go on in this captivity eternally

If you raise your voice and call for me, I Will Find You, My Dear

Wherever you may be

And I will be sure to set you free from this entangling curse

There are times when no one believes in me and

There are times where I feel like I'm degraded But even in those times,your words always echo within my heart

This is my promise

Fairy Blue

It is only for you that I would smash the stars

And use them as a sign to guide you

And anytime that you're lost or afraid, Can you see your dreams

I want you to look up and

Fairy Blue

You are my everything, the reason that I live in sweet captivity so faithfully

And I swear you'll never be alone When You're Lost Here I am

Forever With Your Soul

We can make it through most anything, if you can just believe


The characters in the second opening theme animation, in order of appearance, are:

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