Due to his academic prowess, Ox is highly respected among his peers, and his logical thinking is often the subject of praise from the adults as well. He is also considered a good friend among the other main characters, although the more hot-headed ones conflict with his logic. He has also a love interest in Kim; he loves her dearly.

Weapon Partner

Harvar D. Éclair

As partners, the two are good friends, and they often study together. Ox also trusts Harvar to a great degree, and their personalities are rather similar, both preferring to use logic in most situations. The two also refer to each other with the friendly suffix '-kun.' However, Ox is not as overly logical as Harvar, causing their thoughts to conflict at times, such as when Ox tries to stop Harvar from hurting Kim. He is sometimes dismayed as to how ruthless Harvar can be, but is one of the few people who is not actually scared of him.


Kim Diehl

Soul Eater Chapter 51 - Kim heals Ox

Kim heals Ox with a kiss

Ox is deeply in love with Kim, up until the point he almost abandons his usual logic and openly admits his love for her right in her presence, much to her dismay, and he gets incredibly depressed when she rejects him. However, no matter how many times she rejects him, he never gives up on her.

Ox is therefore willing to approach Kim directly with his frustrations about her desire to separate herself from others and her bullying ways, as Eternal Feather showed her classmates when Ox confronted her in the cafeteria after she bilked money from Tsugumi Harudori. Even when Kim punched Ox in the gut and stormed off, Ox met with Tsugumi at the opening gates of the girls' dormitory to defend Kim's behavior, handing Tsugumi money he earned himself through extra work to pay back the money Kim extorted from Tsugumi. Ox likely did not realize that Kim, who also lived at this dormitory, hide herself behind the opening gates, impressed that Ox defended her but saddened that he would bother to defend someone like her.

Ox's love for Kim proves to be genuine, as he understands Kim rather more than normal people, interpreting her aggressive behavior as her almost trying to avoid people, and he accepts her even when he finds that she is a Witch, standing up to some classmates who are saying bad things about her. Even when confronted by a brainwashed Kim who had joined Arachnophobia with Jacqueline, Ox does not attack her, even when she tries to kill him, and manages to get through to her, promising her to make a place for her in the world where she will be accepted. He often calls Kim an angel, or 'my fair lady.'

After the invasion of Baba Yaga Castle, Kim reciprocates Ox's feelings and the two are currently shown to be a couple. Kim comments that their relationship has not moved forward sexually (remarking Ox has not seen her naked when Kid barges in on her bathing in Shibusen shower room). Kim is last seen receiving a promise from Ox to assist her in negotiating Shibusen's peace with the witches—then convincing her to dance with him at Kid's ceremony celebrating his status as full shinigami and new leader of Death City.

Kilik Rung

Soul Eater Chapter 41 - Ox and Kilik

Ox and Kilik team up for a mission

Because of their rather conflicting personalities, Ox is sometimes dismayed by or critical of Kilik's hot-headed methods, which leads to some tensions. However, in the end, they always make up and the two have a firm friendship, similar to Black☆Star and Soul's, often greeting each other with a power-five whenever they meet. Sid Barett also notices that Ox can persuade Kilik to work with others, even his own enemies, as when Ox said he would depend on Kilik's presence in order to work with Medusa during their attack on Baba Yaga Castle.

Because Ox also has a hot-hearted side like Kilik, the two actually much more similar in personality than initially considered. Ox respects Kilik as a fellow comrade, and is not afraid to ask him for assistance. The two make a good team when fighting together, being able to achieve a Chain Resonance with ease. Ox also takes Kilik's encouragement to heart, especially when it comes to going after Kim.

Maka Albarn

Maka and Ox share a rivalry as both constantly aim for the top of the year when it comes to exams. Ox, at the same time, criticizes Maka when she fails to think logically, and sometimes wonders how she can be the top of the year in exams. However, Ox still respects her as a friend and comrade, shown when he protects her on Lost Island. Their rivalry is shown to be a friendly one later on, as the two compare notes on different techniques and both share the determination to help their friends.


File:Soul Eater Chapter 29 - Black☆Star punches Ox.png

Ox is shown not to like Black☆Star that much, saying that he finds it hard to tolerate him and desiring to beat him in a duel. Ox as well annoys Black☆Star, who thinks his self-naming as "General Lightning King" is indulgent.[1] Ox still does respect Black☆Star as a strong fighter, although when Ox expresses doubt that Black☆Star could catch up with Crona's speed in flight, the ninja takes offense at his fellow meister underestimating his abilities.[2]

Patty Thompson

Patty beats Ox in a sparring match, and Ox is shown to admire her athletic prowess, although he firmly states that Kim tops her when it comes to cuteness.

Tsugumi Harudori

Tsugumi first learns about Ox from a discussion with Eternal Feather, who identifies his attraction to Kim and his status as one of the top students in the EAT class. Ox's concern for Kim, as well as his desire to help Tsugumi, seems to have helped convince the NOT student to be kind to Kim and eventually help her partner with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré. As well, based on this introduction by Eternal Feather and her own experiences speaking with him, Tsugumi respects "Ox-senpai" for his hard-working personality.

Ox seems to see Tsugumi as someone deserving help. Partially out of his attraction to Kim and concern that Tsugumi would hate her for bullying her to give up her DWMA allowance, Ox tries to help her and serves as one EAT students whom Tsugumi comes to know while at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. After seeing her working at Deathbucks, Ox recognizes "Tsugumi Harudori-san" by name. Out of his concern for Tsugumi and his desire to his attraction to Kim, he works part-time for a week at Death Shipping to earn back the money to repay Tsugumi on Kim's behalf, asking that Tsugumi forgive Kim because "she's keeping people at a distance on purpose."[3]

For her part, Tsugumi appreciates the assistance Ox provides her, valuing his hard work but reluctant to accept his money. As Anya and Meme convince her not to let his effort go to waste, she decides to spend the money out of appreciation for him, deciding to host at Deathbucks a celebration with her meisters and to let Ox about this party.[4]

Franken Stein

Ox respectfully calls Stein, 'Professor,' and follows his orders, with the two sharing the same logical viewpoint at times. Ox also looks to Stein as his teacher and learns new skills from him, such as first-aid.

Yumi Azusa

Ox is shown to be able to Resonate with Azusa, showing that their Wavelengths match with each other. This is understandable as both characters are very serious and logical.



Ox is antagonistic towards Medusa, as she was the one who blew Kim's cover as a Witch, causing her to flee Shibusen. However, he holds his feelings back when working with the Witch to invade Baba Yaga's Castle, even going as far as to thank her when she saves him from the Squid(?) but openly states that he will strike her down the minute she does something suspicious.

The Wrath Giant

Soul Eater 44 - Ox and Kilik party with the Wrath Giant

Ox parties with the Wrath Giant

Along with Kilik and their weapons, Ox is determined to face the Wrath Giant with all of the fire in his heart, but in the end, ends up befriending the him. Their friendship is shown by he, Kilik and their weapons all dancing naked with the Giant around a camp fire .


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