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English name::Orthrus
Kanji name::オルトロス
Romaji name::Orutorosu

Gender Unknown
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Classification Monster
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Orthrus (オルトロス, Orutorosu) is a savage and monstrous demon that due to a series of circumstances that occurred prior to its first appearance, came to reside permanently within the confines of the Book of Eibon, after Noah resolved to add it to his collection.


Despite not being demonstrated in much detail, Orthrus seemingly only retains an extremely feral and instinctual nature, while still obediently obeying its master's commands and aggressively attacking anything that is perceived as a threat to either itself or Noah.


A perverse hybrid of octopus and canine, Orthrus' physical composition demonstrates a seamless combination between the head of a dog and what appears to be the sucker laden tentacle of an octopus, with the evident merger occurring where the presence of a neck would typically feature. A total of four of these monstrosities seemingly emanate from the creatures main body, but what actually comprises the residual structure of this organism remains concealed within the obscured depths of the book in which it resides. Each of the individual hound-like heads features a prominent set of ears and distinctive rows of razor-sharp fangs, yet strangely any indication that the creature possesses eyes are absent, suggesting that the monster hunts on smell and sound alone.

Role in the Story


During a heated confrontation against a determined and dangerous pairing of Black☆Star and Death the Kid, Noah unleashed the monstrous form of Orthrus upon the young children but after suffering minor injuries at the hands of its aggressors, it was quickly recalled to the relative safety that the interior of the Book of Eibon confers.


  • The character of Orthrus is in fact derived from the creature of the same name that appears within actual Greek mythology, where it was a two-headed dog and a doublet ("brother") of Cerberus.

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